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What to expect after losing a testicle?

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  • What to expect after losing a testicle?

    Hey all,

    I recently had my left testicle removed after a solid mass was found in an ultrasound. Pathology said that is was a pure teratoma which I was told is very rare in adult men. Not really sure what to make of that. My bloodwork, chest x-ray and ct scan were all normal which was good to hear. Doc said that is was a localized stage 1a cancer and that no further treatment is needed and that I'll be in surveillance for the next few years. I consider myself to be a healthy, active guy (cyclist, climber, runner) but I've had some pretty serious health challenges including type 1 diabetes at 27, colon cancer at 36 and now this at 47. I feel lucky to be alive but it's been depressing to have so many health issues. I'm not really sure what to expect with losing a testicle. Doc said that the other one would compensate and that I shouldn't notice any difference. Just wondering how many of you found that to be true and went back to life as 'normal' after losing a testicle. Does sex drive go down?muscle mass? etc... So far I haven't noticed any change but it's only been a couple of weeks.

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    Lost my first at 31 and my second a few months ago. Nothing changes my friend. You will still do all the normal stuff you used to. The other one picks up the slack.


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      I had my first at 20, & spent 35 years with just one before losing # 2. I had an RPLND back then that left me with retrograde (dry) ejaculation, but they are much better at them now & with a clear CT chances are you won't need one. Losing one didn't slow me down one bit though. Hard to tell if losing # 2 or being 64 years old is causing some minor changes now.

      Technically, teratoma is not cancer, but it can cause problems & there are cases where it changes into cancer, not always TC, so be sure to keep up your surveillance. Odds are good you will be fine, but obviously, your past history means you should be sure not to ignore anything unusual.

      Here is what the Testicular Cncer Resource Center ( ) has to say about teratoma:

      Teratoma - (1) Strictly speaking, teratoma is a benign growth. It is an odd sort of tumor in that it is basically composed of a number of different normal types of tissue, growing in abnormal places. I say strictly speaking it is benign, but it can act like a malignant tumor and spread. It is most commonly discussed in the post-chemo situation where the doctors want to remove masses left behind by the chemo because they may have teratoma in them. They do this because any tumor can grow and cause problems later on, plus teratoma tumors can become cancerous themselves, and those cancers are not as easy to treat as germ cell tumors. Because teratoma is made up of normal cells, chemotherapy does not affect it. (2) In the UK, teratoma is synonymous with nonseminoma. Here is a cross reference between the AFIP/World Health Organization and the UK classifications:
      Go to the link above to see the cross reference chart, it does nnot copy/paste well.

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