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Prosthetic Testicle Pains

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  • Prosthetic Testicle Pains


    So I got a prosthetic testicle put in about 3 months or so back.

    Recently, I've been experiencing some pains with it.

    It seems if I sleep in a funny position perhaps, or make a certain movement, ill get pains from where the prosthetic is. These pains range from being a dull ache to sharper jolts of pain every now and then.

    Most of the time, I have no trouble with the prosthetic and barely notice it's there, but occasionally I get these pains from it (perhaps it pulled the skin where is was attached, or contorted or something; im not sure). It's very annoying, as when i get these pains I cant really do any vigorous movements or it'll cause more pain.

    My questions are:

    1. Has anyone else experienced this with a prosthetic?
    2. D'you have any idea what the pains could be caused by or how they would be remedied?



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    Not sure I can answer all of your questions. I do not have an implant yet, next week I will! From what I understand it can take some time for it to be pain free. it needs to settle into place. Have you see your doctor about these pains? I know many others have gone through the implant surgery and many say it can take several months for it all to feel normal. I hope this gets better for you as I will be having the same issues later next week. I'm sure others will chime in with more advice.
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      I have one in now for about 6 months no major issues. At the start it was tender now i can hit it with a brick and nothing happens (slight exageration).

      IMO you should speak with your urologist. It might need to be moved/adjusted as it is stitched in place (hasnt come loose?) or is pressing on a nerve or maybe something hasn't healed properly?
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        With my first one, I'd occasionally get pains/aches because it would press against my other (real) one, or its pipes. But that was it. Now, as both are false, I've no problems at all down there (every cloud has a silver lining they say!)

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          i am 24 and have had a prosthetic for about 4 years, and i still get the exact same pains you are talking about. i still do not know what causes it, it comes and goes. And yes it can be very annoying, most of the time it is just a dull throbbing pain, not enough to cringe in pain but definitely noticeable. i have found that wearing fitted boxer briefs while doing physical activities helps out.I have two physically demanding jobs( landscaping and furniture delivery) and i do not get pains while working. Basically, just try to keep your junk from bouncing around and gettin to crazy and the pains shouldnt come at all. Thats my experience.



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