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Having trouble moving forward.

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  • Trekga
    CARL~ so sorry, and you are NOT alone. Delayed response is common. I know several TC survivors that have written articles about it, Steve Pake in particular. I know he has a website, and his writing is fantastic. Again, you are not alone!!!

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  • Daniel_Eye
    HI Carl

    All of us here, currently undergoing treatment, those who've become survivors or for the storied few, 2x survivors all have this trouble. But, everyone has a unique situation, I empathize with you, I've had trouble opening up to family members about my condition and missed easter, my own mother's 20-year memorial service ( died of breast cancer ) and my grandmother's one-year memorial service. I started going to psychotherapy every other week and it is very very helpful. Recently, I also attended my first support group at the hospital I am getting treated at. My last chemo infusion was yesterday 5/23/2017 and I feel great about that. I think you should try some of the support groups. The hospital at which you had your orchy done will have a listing of different groups at varying times during the week. If you're in the Boston area I welcome you to come to Boston Medical Center and try some groups there. Going to a support group was a very eye-opening experience for me. I thought I had it bad, no, I met a gentleman who beat skin cancer, then beat lung cancer only to get lung cancer again and prostate cancer at the same time. He is still fighting and continues to fight. He is blind and has had so much chemo his veins won't accept any more. But he fights on with immunotherapy. He comes to the support groups frequently and I was very thankful he was there because he really helped put my own life in perspective.

    If you have insurance I highly recommend going to see a psychotherapist and if possible, one that specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder. All of us have lost a testicle, part of what makes us men, that is very stressful and scary. Like you said, "My emotions are all out of whack". For a while, I felt like I was less of a man, but this isn't true, it's part of how we deal trauma, we think the worst. This will eventually pass, finding a therapist will really help you sort out your thoughts so you can do what's best for you. They can also refer you to a psychiatrist who, if necessary can diagnose and treat depression or attention deficit disorders with medication, if you so chose. I can tell you that I take Adderall and it really helps with focus and accomplishing tasks by staying on task! If you think you might be having an issue with your testosterone make an appointment with the Urologist who did your orchy and ask him to do some blood work to check your levels. If it is low, they can supplement you with monthly injections or the Androgel.

    I hope this helps in some way, please feel free to private message me if you want to talk. I feel like you need someone to bounce your thoughts off of. By the way, I had my lefty removed too!


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  • JoesMum
    Hi Carl, I am in the same age group. I am a TC Mum. When I saw the title of your post I read it instantly as I can relate to that. We all react differently to the cancer trial. My advise to you is to allow yourself to feel what you feel. It is OK to be stressed and overwhelmed. Try to do what you enjoy doing. Try to get help from your friends and family. Try to avoid negative people and negative experiences. Try to keep your job.... stay in touch.

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