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1 Year after chemo - ALL CLEAR, but no good sperm :(

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  • 1 Year after chemo - ALL CLEAR, but no good sperm :(

    Hi there.
    It has been a year that I have finished chemo, and it was time to do a sperm count.
    The results weren't very good - azoospermia.
    Although the doctor said it is possible that the sperm cells come back, I wanted to know the feedback here in the Forum and how many of you had no sperm cells and then they came back.
    Thank You

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    I just finished chemo recently, congrats on your all clear. If you remain azoospermic and you want to have another kid, you can always look into having a TESA/TESE procedure to biopsy testicle for active sperm. I had this done prior to chemo and I was able to freeze 3 vials of sperm (I'm azoospermic as well). If you've never heard of this procedure you can google it and find a lot of information. The recovery for the first 3 days is pure hell but after that it is fine. Hope that helps and good luck!


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      Do you know if you had azoospermia prior to chemotherapy? It is my understanding that return of sperm production after BEPx3 occurs in 50% of patients by the 2 year mark and 80% by the 5 year mark. I have also see some better numbers than that but in small studies. Likewise, as mentioned there are other procedures that may be available if the timing of waiting is not desired.

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        Wishing you the best. Curious to see other responses.
        Son Grant
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          No I wasn't. I have conserved my sperm prior to chemo.