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  • Neuropathy

    During chemo I had terrible neuropathy in my hands which now has improved significantly. Finished chemo on Valentine's day, about 6 weeks later started with neuropathy in feet which is worsening. Just wondering how others dealt with this. Does this get better? Should I take something for It? My concerns are that I need to go back to work, I am an RN and will be on my feet a lot. Any suggestions?

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    Is your neuropathy painful or just numbness? I developed numbness in my fingers during chemo & it's still with me 7 years later, seems to come & go in intensity. Manipulating small parts & finding the zipper pull on my pants seems to be the most irritating part for me, but at least it's not painful.Not sure if pain or numbness would be worse in the feet.

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      Starts with numbness and transitions to pain as day goes on.


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        My feet lagged my hands by quite a bit.I'd say my feet were the worst probably about 2-3 months after treatment. I never had pain but a strong tingling every time I stepped. By one year post chemo my hands and feet were getting way better. Things have pretty much stopped getting better now (about 2 years post chemo) but they are quite good - the nephropathy is unnoticeable in my feet, and I don't even notice it in my hands most days. And I type on a keyboard all day at work.
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          I didn't have much neuropathy during chemo but it did start up about three months after I finished. A bit of numbness in the hands but a lot of numbness and pain in the feet. I did read that it peaks three to six months after chemo and then diminishes. My feet are definitely improving nine months after chemo. There is numbness but no pain anymore. And as for work I found that it really helped by taking my attention off them for periods of time. You may well be in the peak pain period and it will only improve from here on. Mine has. Good luck with it.