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Discomfort and occasional pain in prosthetic testicle

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  • Discomfort and occasional pain in prosthetic testicle

    Hello everybody, new guy here.

    I was diagnosed with stage I seminoma in my left testicle last December and had i/o done early January. I opted for prosthetic testicle and aside from having a minor setback with a bit leaky incision, everything has went well physically since then. I've had two follow up checks (bloods, ct) and all has been clear even though my tumor was around 5 cm in size and I had some blood vessel invasion going on.

    Now I've started to experience discomfort on my left testicle, where the prosthetic is. It feels somewhat similar to when I had the tumor down there, but then the sensation was of course caused by the sheer size of the growth. This time my testicle is normal size and overall seems perfectly normal in color and it's not sore to touch. I do have occasional aches/shooting pains in it though. Is this something I should be worried about, or perhaps some kind of phantom pains or symptoms stemming from operation and/or prosthetic installation, even though it's been around six months since those things taking place?

    I'm on a nine year(!) surveillance and I think that if all my checkups are clear, the next scheduled doctor appointment is around five year mark.

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    Well, just to update, the pain has been worsening for the last couple of days. It's almost like having been kicked in the nuts and the soreness you'd have afterwards. Nothing like that has happened though. It's still not constant either. Comes and goes as it pleases, no matter if I'm sitting down, lying, standing or walking around. I also have an area on the side of the left prosthetic testicle, which kinda feels like stinging/burning to the touch. Mainly on the loose skin that attaches the sack to the rest of the body.

    I called in to the clinic where I'm being monitored and the nurse asked a few questions and promised to call back after consulting a doc. Couple of hours later she did and said that I should wait and see how it feels for a couple of weeks (one more week from now) and if the problem persists, they'll do an ultrasound.

    Anybody else had these kind of sudden pains with prosthetics months after surgery?


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      Mild discomfort here and there over the years from the first one (old days) hard and set to high. Newer one has been a wonderful one. If you got real pain - see the doctor.
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