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  • Advice/suggestions needed

    My husband is 4 weeks out of orchiectomy. We have opted to not get a prosthetic and are confident in that choice, however now that there is nothing filling out his sack he is experiencing a lot of annoyances there. Do you have a product that helps keep that excess skin from sticking or getting caught? Baby powder isn't cutting it.

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    I noticed that loose skin becomes less loose over time (at least for me it did). Tighter underwear also helps to not get stuff sticking.


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      It has definitely tightened up for me as well. Doesn't feel abnormal as well. And yes, boxer briefs are a godsend.


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        It takes time according to my son. I concur with boxer briefs.
        Son Grant
        dx 12/21/16 at age 17

        BEP x3
        Post Chemo CT Scan on 3/28/17 still showed a few nodes over 2 cm
        2nd Post Chemo CT Scan on 4/27/17 showed all nodes still over 2cm
        Post Chemo RPLND 5/8/17: Periaortic Teratoma, Intraaorticaval Teratoma, and Paracaval Teratoma found.


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          +1 on the boxer briefs.

          Yes, the loose skin will completely tighten up over the next few months. Then it's not noticeable at all.

          - Matt
          March 4th 2014: [AFP = 2.5; bHCG = 6; LDH = 618]
          March 13th: Left IO 100% Classic Seminoma
          6.3 x 5.1 x 3.8 cm, no invasion of anything
          LDH never fully normalized
          Stage: IS
          Watchful Waiting
          May 1st: promoted to Stage IIB with two PET active tumors in the para-aortic lymph nodes 2.5 & 2.4 cm
          May 12th: started 3xBEP
          Neupogen during Cycle 2 and 3
          July 8th: Last Bleo shot of Cycle 3 -- chemo completed !
          August 4th: Post Chemo CT/PET scan
          September 4th: Port removed
          July 10th 2018: 4 YEARS ALL CLEAR !


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            AH! I love this forum. Thanks everyone. He wears briefs so we're good there. We don't need to move to a jock for any reason right? I would imagine that wouldn't be super comfortable all day.

            I am happy to hear the skin firms up a bit. He's annoyed but it's definitely not the worst thing in the world, right?


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              I have to say I never noticed any problems after #1 or # 2. I had more problems with testicle(s) getting pinched than I ever did with loose skin.

              Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
              Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP