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  • About mediastinal seminoma

    Hi !! I am from pakistan and english is not my first language ,very sorry for any husband was diagnosed with mediastinal seminoma 9 years ago ,he was treated with 4 bep cyles and surgery to remove the remaining mass which was found to be necrotic tissue....he was asked to follow up for 5 years which was completed in 2013 and no follow ups after that....ny husband is in great health but developed a lingering cough a couple weeks ago its dry and is not much but there since 3 months....took him to a dr who got xray done which was normal ....can it be a relapse godforbid? Should i get ct scan done?? I havent met any mediastinal long term survivors which is worrisome ??? Is a relapse possible after 9 years and what are the recurrence chances? Are there any long term survivors out here?? It is such a rare disease found no mediastibal seminoma guys on pakistani forums

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    Late relapses are always possible but the fact that the chest- x-ray is clear is a good thing. I am not sure of the criteria of needing to do a chest CT but given his history I would certainly ask the doctors what they think. If his beta-hCG or LDH were elevated before then maybe it would make sense to look at his tumor markers? I would hope that there would be some reason for the cough. Does he take any mediations? Drugs called ACE inhibitors, for example, for high blood pressure can cause a dry cough. Hopefully, they come up with some reason for the cough.

    If you are on Facebook there is a group for mediastinal germ cell tumors, which would include seminoma,

    The thing to keep in mind is that seminoma germ cell tumors are a lot easier to treat than non-seminoma so cases are not really the same.

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      Hey thankyou so much mike for replying...the dr is not concerned and did not order a ct scan ...there is a nasty viral going on the dr said he mustve caught another one after recovering from husband thinks of himself cured his oncologist at 5 year mark said his chances of relapse are zero...i dont want to give him anxiety by asking for more follow up tests...another question,, is mediastinal seminoma as curable as the other tc seminoma and chances of relapse after bep are as rare or are mediastinal seminoma more prone to recure after very long??? Is a lobg healthy recurrence free life possible?? I keep wirrying about secondary cancers from bep and dont want to worry abt recurrence sorry for bothering you with all these questions