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  • Getting concerned

    Quick background i was diagnosed with double TC on June 7th this year had them both removed on the 13th June and the pathology report was seminoma in both and i am currently on observation My CT scan and chest x-ray were all good at the start of September and my blood work at the end of November was all good. I am not due to have more CT scans and blood work until the middle of February. But at the minute i am having this problem and it has been going on quite a while i can not stop having bowl movements i can have up to 8 BM a day they start off normal but by the end of the day its more like diarrhea. Also when it first started i was getting really bad abdominal pain i went to see my local doc i he ordered an upper GI x-ray which i did and they found that i had really bad acid reflux and he wanted me to follow up with a Gasto doctor which i did but the abdominal pain has stopped. I spoke to the doc and he said my bowl movements do not sound cancer related because i have no other symptoms other than by bowl habits have changed but i am having the scope down my throat and a colonoscopy done on January 2nd. I just wanted to know if could have spread to my colon or bowl and does anyone have any experience with any of the issues i am having because it is on my mind all the time

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    it is pretty unlikely to be related. The scopes should give you some insight as to what is going on. Anything going on with your diet? Anything else going on (stress, exhertion, etc)?
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      Diet has pretty much remained the same and the only stress is all these bowl movements


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        Could be stress - my body has been doing weird things like that when in between tests, results etc. It's not easy when it's playing on your mind all the time!
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          Have you started any new supplements?
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            No nothing has changed no diet changes no supplement have been added to my diet


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              I'd be stressed out from the increase in toilet paper expenses. Sorry, I had to jest.

              I personally would not be concerned that this is any direct involvement from the seminoma perspective. Obviously, I would get scoped in January and hopefully, they will figure out what is going on.

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                While clearly having a TC relapse (>95% seminoma) and not having yet found out through CT scan, I had 2 weeks of horrible stomach pain of which the doctor could not understand the cause, including huge acid reflux. I really hope your is unrelated, but just based on my personal experience I would recommend to have also the abdomen checked asap. Perhaps you can have the CT scans done at an earlier date than mid-Feb, otherwise you could try to have a full US of the abdomen. While my oncologist at the time did not prescribe any exams, talking to the urologist who later did my RPNLD he told me that in that case he would have recommended an US of the abdomen. All the best