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Pain in groin 9 months after orchiectomy and chemo

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  • Pain in groin 9 months after orchiectomy and chemo

    First, here's a quick history
    13 June 2017: Lump found on right testicle, orchiectomy performed and confirmed to be seminoma. CT scans showed no sign of metastasis, surveillance.
    29 January 2018: CT scan showed elevated activity in three retroperitoneal lymph nodes, Stage II cancer confirmed.
    15 February 2018: Started 3xBEP
    1 May 2018: Scans and bloods clean, on surveillance every 3 months.

    So I've just had my third surveillance checkup post-chemotherapy, and my bloods all looked fine. I had some issues about 6 months after I finished chemotherapy where my beard was falling out again, but since then it's grown back a bit more... testosterone levels were a little bit low last time I checked, but well within normal ranges. So all in all I'm recovering well and trying to just get on with my life. Having said all this...

    I've had all kinds of aches and pains which have all seemed to have been just that, and nothing serious, but it's this one pain I keep getting in my groin, on the left side of my groin, above the left testicle that's causing me some anxiety. The testicle itself seems fine, no lumps or anything, but it's around where the vas deferens enters my abdomen, next to penis, that feels pretty achey, on and off again. Sometimes it radiates down the side of my leg, or I feel something up around where my left kidney is... I have no idea if this is anything, or if anyone has experienced anything similar, but I'm kinda freaking out. It's been pretty consistent and tight for the last 2 days, but it's difficult for me to go to my usual doctor as I'm in the middle of a bit of a cross-country move. Any advice guys? Has anyone else experienced this?

    I'm usually on top of this, but I admit I'm cracking a bit.