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Silicone Implants in the US?

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    Hey Mate,

    It will take a week or so for the comfort levels to be ok, my Euro encouraged me to spend a couple of days on my back first and take it easy for a week or so. Did not have a change of colour there you might want to check it out with the doc.


    TC1: May 2001 / Right orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / Radiation
    TC2: July 2008 / Left orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / X2 Prostheses / Reandron (long term Testosterone injections)


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      It's been almost one week since I had the surgery. I'm recovering pretty well and am overall happy with the results.

      For the first few days the pain was pretty bad and the pain killers didn't really do much for me for some reason, so the first day I didn't sleep much and it gradually got better. Some low points were barely being able to sleep the first day and almost fainting when going to the bathroom.

      I started school on monday, so I had to use a crutch because walking was still pretty painful, but I stopped using it about 5 days after the operation. There is still some pain and I have a slight limp, but it's not that bad. It hurts if I pull or squeeze on the testicle and there is some numbness on the scrotum, so I won't be having any sexual activities for at least a week or two, and same with physical activity.

      As far as the looks, I think it looks pretty good. It's obviously not perfect- the implant is smaller, a different shape, hangs higher, and the right side of the scrotum that wraps it is much tighter. With time it should get better- the implant will get softer, the scortum will hang lower, and hopefully expand.

      I will give another update once the pain goes away or if anything happens, and maybe another one in a few months. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for reading, especially those that helped me!


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        Saline filled implant

        My experience I hope this helps, I was 14 years of age when my right testicle was removed due to torsion. I am now 32. I had the option to have have a silicon implant after the surgery, but my Dr. and father both decided I should wait until I was at least 18. There were two main reasons for that. During the early 90's silicon implants were considered unsafe. Due to my young age my remaining testicle was still growing so matching the size would be an issue.

        I went through junior High, High School, and 8 years of Military service and I must say that no one ever noticed that I was missing a nut. You do not have to worry about other guys looking at your package. That was never an issue, It is not easy to notice unless you get up close and personal. My wife did not even know until I confessed nine years and two kids later. I always thought she knew but it turns out she had no clue. ( I am still amazed ) Even after I told her our sex life improved because my solo testicle got a lot of attention after that. (Woman do not care) Having one nut has its advantages, It is alot more comfortable especially if you are into sports. 50% of the time you get hit between the legs you will not experience any pain.

        Now I must admit that it did take a psychological toll on me from day one. If I can go back I would have gotten a prosthetic even with the risks. Taking a shower and even taking a piss is a constant reminder that you only have one. I felt incomplete even more so as a teenager. I am very athletic so my physical self image has always been important to me. Always worrying about what the females would think or if the fellas found out is torture in itself.

        18 years later after consulting with my Urologist I decided to get a coloplast/mentor saline filled prosthesis.( Size Large) It has been 3 days now since my implant surgery. I was put under anesthesia and took about 45 minutes. I walked out of the out patient center with little pain. The next day there was literally no swelling and very little pain. I was told to stay home for a couple of days and could resume normal heavy lifting after 2 weeks.
        I felt so good the next day that I went to work with no problems. The incision area is the most tender but thats about it. My urologist suggested that we not suture the implant in place. I agreed and so far so good. My only complaint is that the saline filled implant feels more firm than my real testicle and sits a little higher but I am sure that will change over time. I am glad I went through with it and wish I had done it a long time ago. I feel so much better about myself and must admit that my package looks great. I would highly recommend a prosthetic especially if you are a teenager or young man. If for whatever reasons it does not work out, you can always have it removed. I am planning on getting a upgrade every 5-10 years and will be looking out for better and softer implants even if I have to travel outside of the U.S.

        Thats my story, please feel free to post any questions.


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          Hello hajann9,

          Been a while since you've replied to this forum, but wanted to see how the soft-silicone implant is now, years after you did it? I have a saline implant and am not satisfied with it. Am looking into getting it replaced with a silicone version but want to know a few things, like was it a urologist that did it or a plastic surgeon?