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  • nervous about gel

    I was prescribed androgel 1.62% just one pump per day on one shoulder. I have a wife, 13 year old son and 4 year old daughter and all these warnings about transferring it from my shoulders to them has me pretty freaked out. I have been putting it on first thing in the morning after a shower and putting a short sleeve shirt on but like sometimes I will notice just sitting on the couch that my shirt sleeve has maybe ridden up a little and my bare arm is on the couch. Could it be transferred that way??? Another thing that makes me nervous is at night my daughter will often fall asleep on the couch while I am downstairs working and I will pick her up and carry her up to her bed. This is after the gel has been on my arm from about 8 am until close to 10:00 pm. It seems to me that the gel should be good and gone by then but it still makes me nervous. I take a good shower at night and scrub the shoulder I have put it on that morning before I get in the bed. Do you all that have experience with Gel think that I am taking all of the proper precautions??
    Left R/O on 10-9-14. Ct scans all clear.
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    I think you are worrying about nothing. I was on gels for 6 years & think they way over blow the warnings about transference.If you are in the US & read the literature that comes with your gel, you will find that the "test" for this was they put the gel on the guy's abdomen & had him rub vigorously with his partner for FIFTEEN MINUTES, & only managed to double her normal ( very low) T levels. Certainly be smart about this, but no, do not be overly worried. The warnings are there for the drug companies lawyer's peace of mind, not because there is a serious risk.

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      Mate transference would be fairly minimal to zero once dried - by the time the evening comes it would be absorbed - discuss with the doc but I would not be too concerned until the wife grows a beard! But really you should be fine, depending where in the world you are you could investigate Injections or the underarm option Axion. Look at the ex-claimers and side effects on most drugs and you will see that the drug companies cover all options for holding no responsibility for nothing!
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        I'd echo the above. I've been on 'gel for 6+ years and seen my kids grow up (normally) from 6 - 12 (boy) and 9 - 15 (girl). And no apparent transfer issues with my wife. Once it's on, and dry, I pretty much forget about it until the next day. DZ.

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          Thanks for the info guys. Helps ease my mind a lot.
          Left R/O on 10-9-14. Ct scans all clear.
          Pure Seminoma stage 1a. no vascular invasion.
          surveillance started, with chest x-ray 12-3 , blood work 1-22-14.


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            I have been using gel for the last seven years. I read two studies on transfer. In the first they had men apply the gel to their chest and stomachs and then had missionary sex with their women. There was was some transfer but the women's T levels were still in the normal range, meaning the transfer was very small. In the second study they lowered the LH of men so that their T was very low. Then they had another man apply gel to his arm, and after dry rub it vigorously on the arm of the zero T men. The T level of the men was unaffected. My conclusion from this is that the transfer risk to an adult partner is minimal. However, I am careful around children. I put the gel under my arms and the back top of my shoulders, and then I wash my hands. Actually my wife is 62 and the small amount of T she may get from me seems to be helpful to her sex drive.