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Reoccurred hair loss

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  • Reoccurred hair loss

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an answer about my current problem. I had a 2 rounds of chemo about a half a year ago. During the treatmens I have lost all my head hair, some of the beard, chest and pubic are hair. But after the chemo in about 3 months of time the hair grown back at the same level as it was before chemo. However now in the 6 month after treatment I'm facing some hair problems again. First of all I spoted that my hair in the area around ears and temples became very thin and are not growing anymore. Later my beard became very patchy once again. The same thing is with my chest hair which can be taken out in bunches and pubic area hair is not growing currently. Maybe someone knows why is this happening ? Will the things go back to normal on their own, or should I see my doctor in order to get some medications?

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    It seems to happen to some guys. Does not seem to be super common. My hair didn't fall out a second time, but it was about two years before it got back to close to "normal", so it can take some time.

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      It seems to happen to some guys. Does not seem to be super common. My hair didn't fall out a second time, but it was about two years before it got back to close to "normal", so it can take some time.

      Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
      Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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        It happened to me as well... I've lost all my hair during the 2nd cycle fo my 3x BEP. After 2-3 months my hair started to grow (baby curly hair). After 2-3 additional months I've got even stronger hair than prior the treatment. After additional 3 months I lost almost all hair (incl. armpit, beard) and I developed a look of a balding man (thin or almost no hair in the top of my head and bridle hair on the sides). Than after 3-4 months my hair thickened. I am still experiencing fluctuating hair regression (every 3-4 months) but its not that bad as first one. In general, my hair is thicker and dense than ever before and same sandy blond. Seems that 3x BEP improved my hair quality. I am now 1 and half year post chemo.

        What I did... I started to take finasterid (propecia), zinc, iron, Tribulus terrestris + other supplements. I've restarted my rogain/biohar/minoxidil therapy and after additional 4 months I got my hair almost to the point as it was before. It is still improving but very slowly.

        I would say there might be a link between hormone changes due to chemo (in my case my testosterone levels went down after I quit on using Tribulus - not a good idea and my docs discovered that I suffer from autoimmune thyroid disease caused by chemo).

        I would recommend the treatment that I am undergoing and a lot of patience..
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        3x BEP started, changed to 4x BEP
        08 Jan 2015 3x BEP finished (bHCG: <0,1 AFP: 4,88), 4th cycle cancelled
        21 Jan 2015 CT scan clear - para-aortic lymph node shrunk to 0,6 x 0,4 cm

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          Hi Swish, just wanted to let you know, You could have written that post for me. I have the exact same scenario almost to a t. I finished six rounds of chemo, three weeks apart and my hair came back completely, although finer texture. Then about 4-5 months later it started thinning out in the area around both ears and the temples and is not growing. I should note that my chest hair and pubic hair all came back normal, maybe even thicker, then they both thinned out again and now have come back for a second time. I'm still waiting and hoping for the head hair to stabilize. Obviously my body is trying to normalize with all the back and forth. But after hearing your story I'm convinced it's related to the chemo and not some weird male pattern baldness. Hope you are progressing since your initial post.


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            Hey Swish - taking a guess as this is in the Testosterone Challanges forum, does not sound like it but the times when my Testo has dropped - facial hair growth rates have fallen back. Plus high Levels of T are related to balding. Have not done BEP but hair loos and recover can be different for all.
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              Chemo was one year ago for me but I'm still getting weird hair fluctuations, very similar to what you describe. Don't sweat it. It's true that it could be testosterone-related, but I'd only suspect that if it were clustered with other symptoms as well, like low energy, poor focus, out-of-range testosterone blood levels, etc. Simpler explanation is post-chemo hair weirdness, which, while not exactly common, is definitely not unheard of. I have a blond stripe in my beard now, for example, and for awhile my armpits were fire red. Odd life, you know?
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              NOV. 2017- Retrograde improves. Still not normal but better.
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                I lost most of my hair just once, during the 2nd round of BEP. When it grew back, it was weird (as if pubic hair grew on my head).
                Luckily, hair grew normally after 3-4 months.
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