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Problems with Low Testosterone

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  • Problems with Low Testosterone

    Good morning gentlemen,

    I had my blood labs drawn a couple weeks ago to check my testosterone levels. Since my I/O and radiation therapy, I've been feeling pretty fatigued, unable to focus well, unable to perform manual labor like before my surgery, and some back pain. My labs revealed the levels as follows...

    Luteinizing Hormone - 3 mIU/mL
    FSH - 9 mIU/mL
    DHEA-S - 2881 ng/mL
    SHBG - 56 nmol/L
    Calculated Free Testosterone - 6.43 ng/dL
    Estradiol - 2 ng/dL
    Total Testosterone Level - 467 ng/dL
    Dihydrotestosterone - 389 pg/mL

    I'm meeting with my urologist soon to go over these results, but I wanted to gather additional input on what these levels mean. From my understanding, these levels seem low for my age (25yo), but I don't have and pre-I/O labs to compare them to.
    11/16/16 - Something feels off,maybe I have a hernia
    11/23/16 - "You may have cancer"
    12/13/16 - "You most likely have cancer"
    12/21/16 - Left I/O followed by "You definitely have cancer"; 100% classic seminoma, multifocal with tumors at 2cm, 1.2cm, and 4mm, no vascular invasion, no LVI, and no spermatic cord invasion
    12/28/16 - CT scans reveals one suspicious para-aortic lymph node measuring 1.2cm; staged at seminoma IIa
    1/3/17 - Radiation therapy recommended as treatment from hospital tumor board
    1/23/17 - Started RT for 19 sessions
    2/16/17 - All done with radiation
    5/25/17 - All clear given; currently on surveillance
    9/28/17 - Still all clear