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Low T and Hair Loss?

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  • Low T and Hair Loss?

    Hi guys, just wondering if any of you have/had experienced hair loss following orchiectomy? This is when i first started noticing a lot of hair falling out but didnt think much of it at the time since there were bigger things to worry about lol. Ofcourse after chemo I shaved my head as I was losing all of my hair, but following chemo my hair has not come back nearly close to before, as it is now extremely thin and still falling out. I am about a year and a half out of chemo at this point. I had low T for which I've been taking clomid. It had succeeded in raising my T levels to 18 nmol/L, from what was around 7 nmol/L before, however i don't feel very different at all and have no noticed much improvement. A reason for this could be that it also increased my estrogen levels. My urologist has suggested dosing down from taking clomid every other day, to just twice a week to see if this helps keep T normal but estrogen low. So i'm wondering if you guys have had experience in losing hair following the initial surgery. I am 23 years old FYI and male pattern baldness is not in my genetics really up until the age of say 50.