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What counts as "Low" T?

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  • What counts as "Low" T?

    I've been having symptoms of low T (emotional issues, decreased libidio, decreased sensation, etc) so my Doc ordered a total testosterone test.

    I haven't spoken with her yet but my results were sent to my patient portal.

    I'm 24 and my total is 304ng/dl.

    The normal range is massive (175-781) and seems to encompass everyone from 19-90, so while I'm above 175 I'm not sure if this is a result that I should pursue further.

    Could I be suffering from low T at 304, or should I look to other possible causes?

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    You absolutely can & at your age I'd say you are lkw, especially with the other symtoms. The problem may be onvincing your doc to prescribe treatment. Many seem reluctant to do so. You may need to go "shopping" for a doctor that will work with you.

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      Just posted in another feed - will be usefull.

      You shoud get on top of that - the doc needs to treat the symptoms not the numbers...
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