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Trouble losing weight since surgery/hormone therapy Are metabolism issues common?

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  • Trouble losing weight since surgery/hormone therapy Are metabolism issues common?

    Hi all first time posting here and fortunate survivor of 18 years now.

    I am curious to learn more about whether my current state of being is likely tied to my cancer and T treatment or if I should be seeking other sources. Bottom line is that ever since my surgery and beginning T treatment, losing weight has been nearly impossible. I likely eat far better than I ate during grad school (when i was diagnosed) and my post-doc. Back then, mac n cheese, pizza, beer, etc was common.

    however, since my surgery, and more so since my T treatment began, losing weight has been nearly impossible. Last summer for instance, I was biking 5 days a week avg'ing 1200 feet of climbing (road bike) per ride and not less than an hour. I also lifted a few days a week as well. Eating kept around 2200 cals a day as well. Yet I dropped from 178 to 168 or so maybe around 164 at best. I have struggled to get back down to below 150 pounds. heres my story...

    In grad school I took to mtn biking and road biking in Utah and loved it. I was riding 1 hr rides 5 days a week then a 4-6 hour ride on the weekend. i was drinking 2x big gulps of mtn dew a day, mac n cheese dinners, pizza, beer, and loving life. The summer i was diagnosed (or fall as it may be) i was at 138 pounds and resting HR of 44 give or take.

    I went to the Dr for a "cyst" i had noticed for years (lance armstrongs book got me searching for answers) and sure enough the ultrasound at the dr confirmed the cyst. of course while there, they took a look at the other side. Now came the "hold on" and new dr. "we'll be right back" third dr.

    long story short, turns out i had a mass so small it couldnt be felt, but ultrasound and MRI confirmed it to be a solid mass. blood work showed no irregularities but stats stated it was 99% cancerous so we surgery came and sure enough it was confirmed..but with a twist. I actually had TWO independent seminoma's growing right next to each other. and they were so small they were undetected by feel. So dr said likely we were so early i was fine but we opted for like 17 days or something of radiation treatment after surgery.

    i regrettably did not have a baseline T test so had no idea where i was at time of surgery.

    after that i went through a lot of time getting back in shape but never felt quite the same. slowly i began actually gaining weight, lost quite a bit of drive, tiredness etc. finally around 8 years later, after several friends who had T cancer mentioned being on treatment, i went in. sure enough i was low...really low. So i started treatment and ultimately settled on serum and shots. I do 100mg/ml 10 ml bottle and give two shots a week at around 0.3ml per shot.

    its tough as i tend to be able to bring total up, but then free becomes too high.. so adjustments are tough but i am trying to level it out (which is why i went with twice a week rather than once).
    last test showed 7.9 free 232 total. I have been up to around 600 total but then around 12-13 on free.

    since starting treatment and ever since my surgery, losing belly weight/fat is nearly impossible. nearly all my weight is belly. recently i was lifting a ton and doing rowing etc through the winter and couldnt even shed 5 pounds. stayed right around 175 for 4 months.

    so i am curious is this a common trend from T cancer surgery and Testosterone treatment? are there ways to overcome this? should i be seeking some other dr's out to see if this is another underlying issue?

    appreciate the advice all and happy to answer any other questions etc.

    thoughts out to those dealing with T cancer now as though i did have cancer, i admittedly had it "easy" compared to most and never forget that. im fortunate to have caught it when i did and even more fortunate on the type it was as well.



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    What is your age?
    It sounds like your total testosterone at 232 is way low, & your free testosterone at 12-13 would be pretty normal, unless you are quite old. I have no natural testosterone production & take One, 1ml injection every 3 weeks of 200mg/ml. Your dosing schedule is giving you ~180 mg every 3 weeks. Im in my 60's & often feel like my levels should be higher, but my tests say I'm well withing a normal range.

    This website might provide some useful info on T levels:

    I suspect you may be happier if you get your levels higher.

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