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Remaining testicle and testosterone gels and long term use

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  • Remaining testicle and testosterone gels and long term use

    Does the remaining testicle reduce much in size after starting TRT? I heard that the sperm production basically stops as well, not a big deal for me, but just wanted to confirm that. Also, heard that long term use can be detrimental to health. Any long term users can clarify? Thank you

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    I don't know about testicle size decreasing, but it would not surprise me. I have read that sperm production reduces.

    As for long term use being detrimental, there are multiple warnings in the package, but I just don't see how simply replacing a hormone that you normally produce could possibly be, as long as you don't go overboard. It just doesn't make sense.

    I've been on 3 different gels and now injections for 8 years now, and I haven't noticed any problems.

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      i have read some studies about the use of trt. But data can be used in anyway seen fit to slate or skew the findings.
      Its not the trt that is in question its the synthetic nature of the oil in which the trt is delivered is in question.
      You have to way the benefits vs the risks in mine and Dave's case we don't produce testosterone in enough quantity because of losing both. So in out case it pretty clear the reward out weighs the risk. I have also read in the same study that the thyroid produces trace amounts but again not enough to help.
      As for size difference the body has an amazing ability to increase the size if you lose one and the 1 remaining should under normal conditions be able to pick up the load. No pun intended, but again that is just 1 study i have read and i have read others that say oppsite or left it open for debate.
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        Thank you kindly for your replies. I get a lot of soreness and aches around my remaining testicle, my doc said its because its struggling under load, and my T levels are very low anyway. I am kind of hoping that by taking T, I will be able to reduce that pain.
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          The American Urological Association (AUA) just updated their guideline for testosterone replacement and a nice summary article can be found here:

          Te full guidelines are at:

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            Size should be fine, if you have a prosthetic they size match, the decreased Testicle Size is really relate to guys that do not need T and abuse the process for muscle / body building gains.
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              Thank you for your messages. Much appreciated. I am still overwhelmed with this situation, and am getting aches around incision site. It has healed somewhat, but was hoping for a greater reduction in pain. How long past orchectomy are you guys? Do you still get pains?