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Low energy despite high testosterone level

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  • Low energy despite high testosterone level

    Hello all,

    I was on androgel 1% sachets almost for 10 years may be even longer. My testosterone level was in the range of 500.
    I was feeling well and has plenty of energy.
    Then due to the insurance issue I got switched to generic for 3-4 months. My level dropped to 200.
    Then I asked for androgel pump. It didn't work for me and also was pretty expensive.
    Around 6 months ago I asked for testosterone ejections and got switched to cypionate 200mg 1ml once a week.
    My condition got slightly improved but wasn't even close to the level when I was using androgel sachets.
    According to my recent blood work my level is very high - 885 normal range is 250-827 ng/dL

    Any ideas?

    I will schedule and appointment with endocrinologist soon. It will be probably 3 months wait period until I get an appointment.

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    Have they checked your free level T? Only other thing i can think of is it msy not be T related. Could be low oxygen levels or even low iron levels. Have theu done a complete CBC to see what else might be high or low.
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      I'm pretty much in the same boat, T levels come in anywhere from middle of range to high, but I don't feel like I used to. Part of that might be age (I'm 64). My pulse-ox always comes in good, & CBC shows nothing very unusual. I have been on Testim, Androgel, Generic androgel & injections. The generic androgel seemed to work best for me, injections (one every 3 weeks, 200 mg) is more convenient, but doesn't seem to be as effective. Keep in mind, we are all different so what works well for me may be worthless to you.

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        Like others have said, everyone responds different to TRT delivery. I too was on Androgel for about 3 years, except for me it was not a good experience. I was dog tired in the morning until I got that gel on then a surge of energy for about 3 hours then a quick decline after lunch into the evening and sleepy by 6 pm. Plus I got bloated, night sweats and gyno. Labs always showed normalish total testosterone but low free testosterone due to high levels of SHBG and somewhat elevated E2. Seven months ago I switched to twice weekly subq injections at home (40-50mg per shot) for a total of 80-100mg per week and that has completely turned things around for me. Water weight dropped, gyno reduced and energy is up. Your dose at 200mg per week is really high for most people, more isn't always better and it might be worth looking into working with your doctor to lower your dose. Your blood work should also at least include free testosterone, SHGB and E2 to get a more well rounded picture. It is possible the extra testosterone is converting to higher levels of estrogen. As others have said this is more of an art than a science and you just have to try things out until you find the right dose that works for you. Good luck!
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