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Hey Guys. Question about TSA and testosterone gel meds.

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  • Hey Guys. Question about TSA and testosterone gel meds.

    Has anyone traveled recently with the testosterone gel? is there a limit for size? What can I do to prevent problems so that im not without meds?


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    Speaking from my experience of flying domestic in the USA, when I used to use gels (Androgel Pump) I would just declare it at the security check point with my carry on. Sometimes I forgot and it went through just fine.
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      In theory, as a prescribed medication in original packaging, it should not be a problem. However, a misinformed ( or just an a$$) agent, could cause problems. They have WAY too much power to refuse your access & you have zero recourse if they do. I have no experience with this I refuse to fly anymore. If I need to get somewhere I'll find another way.
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        According to the TSA website, there should not be any issues, but you should declare that you have it. I suppose if you deal with an uninformed agent that you could always just print out this page and present it to them as well.

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          Thanks men, it means a lot. Im so grateful to have you guys to ask questions. I printed the page from tea just like you suggested Mike.