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Testosterone high, free testosterone lower than should be?

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  • Testosterone high, free testosterone lower than should be?

    Why would the free testosterone be lower than it should be given my age with the testosterone level high? Does everyone with high testosterone also have a high red blood count?

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    TRT is pretty much a seat of the pants "science" . Seems like there are lots of variables that cannot be accounted for. The big question is "how do you feel?" If the numbers don't correspond to how you feel, then you may have to fight to get a change in your TRT until everything feels "right". It can be challenging, but many of us have had to deal with this, docs just don't understand why the numbers look good, but you don't feel right.

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      Not sure what your age is but hormones like Dave said more of an art than science. And everyone responds different to types of trt. I had high total t and low free t on Gels. The root cause was my shbg was too high causing the free t to get bound up. So essentially I ended up with a lot of estrogenic side effects. Went to shots and shbg came down free t went up and all has been good since. Are you on trt and if so what is your method and dosing?
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