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Alcohol use on TRT

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  • Alcohol use on TRT

    Hey Everyone,

    I had tc cancer in October 2013 then had it again in November 2018. I was very lucky only having to have surgery and surveillance both times. As everyone here knows with losing both I now have to be on TRT for the rest of my life. I was on gel for about 3 months but did not work very well for me. I switched to weekly injections 100mg testosterone ethanlate 6 months ago and feel great. One issue im not sure if it is related is that some time i break out in hives when drinking. First time it happened when drinking a gin and tonic so i swore off those. Next time was when i had a Moscow mule. My assumption was it had something do with quinine but I had a cherry wheat beer a couple days ago and it happened again. I set up and appointment with an allergy doctor to rule that in or out. I make whiskey/distilled spirits for a living so im always going to be around alcohol my fear is i developed and intolerance or something with the injections. Has anyone on here had a similar experience with alcohol since starting TRT?