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LH - FSH - Prolactine - Testosterone - high levels

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  • LH - FSH - Prolactine - Testosterone - high levels

    Hello guys,

    As you can see it's been through chemo from 9/18-11/18. I've been cleared since than and I'm happy about it. I went to see a doctor for my fertility and I had some tests. The sperm count was around 1.5mln, the LH was 9.1 (normal 1.7-8.6) - FSH 15.4 (normal 1.5-12.4) - prolactine 18.2 (normal 4.0-15.2) - Testosterone 478

    Doctor wants me to start some hormone therapy and see what will happend. Also he wants me to take a brain MRI for further investigation of the hormone levels. I just wanted to ask if anyone before had the same issues and how was the outcome? Trying to create a family naturally, without going through IVF. Or if I can boost it up to 15mln so I can do the other method with the canal drop (I forgot the exact name sorry :P)

    Thank you guys and keep going strong 💪💪💪
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    The prolactin level doesn't seem that high. Has it been persistently high (have they done repeat levels)? Are you on any medications that could be increasing it?

    Did the doctor discuss if clomiphene night me appropriate vs. testosterone?

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