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  • Jim cg721
    started a topic RPLND tips

    RPLND tips

    My first post. A little background about me.. Before Orchiectomy (5-13-2010)hCG 3, AFP 5.2. Left side Orchiectomy May 20th, 2010. 95% EC, 5% seminoma. size of tumor 1.3cm x 1.2 cm. Counts afterword (6-23-2010) hCG <1, AFP 3... RPLND is scheduled for this thursday July 22nd.

    I would appreciate any last words of advice before I go in for my RPLND. Was there anything that helped before or after? I have been searching these forums and have found some really helpful stuff. thanks in advance.

  • agentc0re
    Hey John. Jon here.

    One thing they had me do the night of the surgery too was drink two bottles of magnesium citrate. Do this towards the evening, 5ish or so. Clears your bowels and helps with the surgery and recovery as well.

    You wont be able to drink fluids at all either. One thing that helped me get through that, that i forgot to mention to ya over the phone, is i chewed on ice like it was cool and spit it out. They also had these mouth swabs as well that worked well at getting rid of the cotton mouth.

    Once you past your 3rd day post OP, it's down hill from there. At least it was for me.

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  • chefben
    pace yourself

    I had my surgery 11 days ago @ Memorial Sloan. They did stress the importance of the 3day diet before the surgery. I believe it helped in my recovery. However, by far the most important thing is to start walking the day following your surgery. @ Sloan, I had a physical therapist that got me out of bed and walking. Along with some breathing exercises, that were difficult to do (the first 2-3days) but very helpful. As far as the walking is concerned, all the nurses were encouraging me to walk all day long, and to pace myself. In my floor 14 laps=1mile. They were telling me that some people were doing all their laps by noon and then stayed in bed the rest of the day. That is not the idea. You do want to walk as much as possible, but not just all at once. I walked at all times of day, mostly 2-3-4 lap intervals, depending on my level of energy. My third night was the hardest (feeling very bloated), and I got up @ 3am and walked 4 laps. My floor was very busy during the day, so I actually found it easier to walk during the night.

    One more thing, when you do start to eat again, GO VERY SLOW. For example, if you order breakfast, eat it over 2-3 hours. Its very tempting to try to eat eveything at once, but don't do it....Good luck to you.

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  • Scott
    Some places stress a very low fat diet before and after surgery, to minimize the probability of experiencing chylous ascites, a relatively rare complication, but a real hassle when it occurs. Don't rush your recovery, but do get up and walk as soon and as much as you are able. Hang in there!

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