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Chest heaviness during chemo ? Is it normal

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  • Chest heaviness during chemo ? Is it normal

    Today is my second day of BEP
    Everything is okay except that i feel that my chest is heavy and having some pressure on it . This happens during and after the chemo by 3 or 4 hours and then goes away.

    Pressure , oxygen and heart rate all are normal.

    Should i be worried ??

    Thank you

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    Yes, I had a similar side effect. It will pass during your off weeks. Try not to tense up, that will make it worse.

    Inform your Doctor of any side effects or discomforts, they might be able to help.
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    HCG back up to 198 12/29/08
    1 X PVB 1/2/09-1/6/09
    2 X HDC w/ stem cell rescue 2/4/09-3/14/09
    Follow-up with Dr. Einhorn 4/22/09
    HCG 1.2
    3 rounds, 21 days, twice daily, VP-16 50mg 4/24/09-7/10/09


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      I had chest pressure at times. I went to the pulmonologist twice because of it and ultimately it was just temporary chemo side effects. It should be nothing, but get it checked out if it continues to bother you. It bothers you a lot less once you've been checked out. Best Wishes!


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        thank you guys. we found out that the speed rate of the chemo / fluids had to be slow down. i feel ok now


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          Halfway through cycle 2 of BEP and starting noticing the same. Brought up to the doctors and had a chest x-ray just to be safe and it looks normal. However, my oxygen level was usually at about 99 and this Monday it dropped to 95-96. Weird part was when I would walk around or go up and down stairs, it would raise up to 97-98. With the bleo having the chance to do permanent lung damage and being 100% preventable, be safe and tell your nurse/doctors everything.

          6/28/12 - Diagnosed
          7/3/12 - Left I/O
          7/10/12 - 100% EC Stage IIa
          7/31/12 - 3xBEP Begin
          10/9/12 - All Clear


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            Do you guys know what was your eGFR?

            I feel a bit the same but after the chemo, not during it. As I have eGFR only 84 ml/min I do not like that at all.

            Regarding to study GFR<80 is rising risk of lung toxicity to 11.5%. And you have approx. the same chance of death from this as from stage 1 TC even with no risk factors.
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            08/22/12 AFP 4, HCG 1.5, LDH 2,4
            09/03/12 AFP 7.4, HCG < 0.1, LDH 2,53
            09/012 AFP 7.2, HCG <0.1, LDH 4.5