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New Member, 26, just started me chemo ;)

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  • New Member, 26, just started me chemo ;)

    Hey everyone. To start I must say thank you to everyone who has posted on this forum. This website rocks and I have gotten a lot of good info and support here.

    My story:
    I am 26, healthy (personal trainer by trade), and have no family history of testicular cancer.
    8/7 I went into my primary care physician due to left testicular hardness and discomfort to the touch and with running.
    8/9 Had ultrasound, but radiologist MISSED THE TUMOR
    8/30 Saw a urology specialist just to be safe. He knew immediately. Pre-surgery blood values: AFP - 58.7, HCG - 565, LDH - 315
    8/31 Had left testicle removed
    9/13 Diagnosed as Stage 2 with cancer spread to lymph nodes. Post-surgery blood test values: AFP - 68.1, HCG - 903, LDH 231
    9/17 Started 1st of 3 bouts of BEP treatment (7 hours of chemo Monday through Friday, another 7 hours two following Mondays. Repeat every 3rd week for 3 weeks)
    9/18 Today is my second day of 7 hour chemo and so far so good.

    This has been a whirlwind, but I am optimistic, thankful for my youth and strength and certain that God has my back. My character is being molded for sure.Hope this helps someone else like reading these posts helped me. More to come. Love ya'll.

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    My first day of the BEP Bananza

    Attached is a picture from my first day. Got lots of reading and movie watching done, that is for sure!
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      You have an excellent attitude!
      Have you read all the excellent threads here on these forums about BEP? There is a wealth of info here.

      Husband - age 51
      10/20/10 - Primary mediastinal seminoma - 10 x 9.3 cm; -HCG = 33 (<2.6); AFP = 3.5 (<9); LDH = 274 (100-200 )
      11/1/10 4X BEP
      12/7/10 End Cycle 2 - -HCG = 2; AFP = 4.6; LDH = 139 ; 4XBEP changed to 3 as tumor now 2.1 x 3.7 cm
      2/15/11 - Post-chemo PET ; residual 8 mm x 2 cm
      6/29/11 - Lung nodules stable or smaller, chest mass continues to shrink & markers all normal
      Surveillance since 6/11


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        Hey Sweeny,

        I am 26 yrs old and found out last Friday I have Stage 2 as well. You seem to be taking this well! So did your urologist ever mention the RPLND lymph node surgery as opposed to chemotherapy?

        You mentioned the chemo schedule is Mon-Friday for 7 hours each the first week, then the next two weeks you just do a 7 hours session on Mondays. Then repeat this 3 times? Just trying to see what it will be like if I go that route.

        Good luck to you and I will definitely be checking your progress.

        8/25/12 - Discovered abnormality
        8/31/12 - Ultrasound revealed large mass
        9/6/12 - Left I/O
        9/14/12 - Diagnosed as Stage IIb
        Elevated tumor markers, CT Scan revealed 3 enlarged lymph nodes (2-5cm), Lungs clear. 50% EC, 30% Yolk Sac, 20% Seminoma.
        10/1/12-12/4/12 - BEPx3 Chemotherapy
        1/29/13 - RPLND with Dr. Foster at IU.


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          James it sounds like we have a very similar story. It is crazy how many people are in the same boat as us. I may very well have to do the RPLND lymph node surgery, but they want to wait and see if the chemo shrinks the tumors back to their near-normal size. If that happens I won't have to go through with the surgery. The form I have is non-seminoma 100% embryonic carcinoma and it is very aggresive, but responds to chemo very well, that is why I am doing the chemo route.

          What you repeated for my chemo schedule is correct. Another way to show it is below. I find it confusing myself.
          Chemo days 1-5, 8, 15
          Chemo days 1-5, 8, 15
          Chemo days 1-5, 8, 15
          (each chemo is 6-8 hours depending on what chemo I get that day)


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            Hey good luck with BEP and remain positive! I had a look at your pic, it made me a little sad because it brought back some memories and experiences I went through a year and a half ago.
            Malignant teratoma undifferentiated (MTU), teratoma differentiated (TD); and classical seminoma.

            Size of testis: 45 x 25 x 25 mm
            Spermatic cord: 80 mm in length
            Location of tumour: Testicular parenchyma
            Size of tumour: 25 mm
            Surface of tumour: irregular and nodular

            ‎"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. Thats why we call it the present!


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              Hey sweeney. Its amazing how close our stories are. Same type of tumor and started chemotherapy on same day! Only difference is that Im stage 3b so need four rounds of Bep. I've a thread going on as well, my story, so maybe we can help each other through it!
              Good luck


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                Good luck guys! Stay strong and you'll get through this with new perspective and strength on life! this board will answer all your questions and just about every odd side effect has an answer or explanation from others here.




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                  On the weeks that you only go on Mondays it shouldn't be anywhere close to 7 hrs. If I am recalling correctly isn't that only the bleomycin day which takes only an hour or so? Anyway, the fact that you are in great shape obviously with being a trainer will really serve you well. I was 42 at dx and in pretty good shape (but nowhere near that of a 25 y/o personal trainer) and my oncologist said that definitely helped in tolerating the chemo. It will knock you on your ass some but you should do fine. It is almost like clockwork as to the times you'll feel pretty well and those when you'll feel not so well---has a lot to do with how low your blood counts get before they come back up I think. I developed a blood clot in my right arm from the port but that is not a normal occurrence. You'll obviously lose your hair. And "chemo brain" is very real. Mouth sores were pretty bad at times---tell your dr. as there are "magic mouthwashes" out there that help. I never got nauseated---make sure you uuse the anti-nausea meds. I wouldn't want to do it again but it is extremely effective in most cases and your particular brand (EC) is highly susceptible. Best of luck.


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                    Hope things are going well for you. Also, hope those days are not all 7 hours. My treatments tend to be 4 to 5 hours with about .2.5 on the bleo days with questions and all.

                    All the best. Greg
                    2011: July 7 - Right I/O, Aug 4 - Seminoma - 2.7cm - Surveillance 2012: July 30 - Relapse, 3cm paraaortic node, blood work normal. Nov 6th - Finished BEPx3 Jun 24 - 1.5 years post chemo all clear


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                      Hey everybody. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. You were right Barclay, I went in for my first Monday only chemo today and it was only a couple of hours including hookup and all that. Lets just say it was a very nice and well recieved surprise. I was expecting to be locked down for the day. Wahoo.

                      So far I have done 1 full week fo my BEP and today (first Monday) and I feel pretty darn good. I have read some of the BEP threads and they are very helpful. All I can think is that this could be so much worse so far. Counting my blessings.

                      Good luck John Paul, I will definitely check out your thread!


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                        Keep us posted and let us know how things are going


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                          Hey Everyone. I am now a week and a half into chemotherapy and I am experiencing some weird symptoms I thought I would ask around about. The main thing is that I seem to have some swelling of the skin at the base of my penis. It isn't tender or hard or anything; it just seems like there is extra fluid underneath the skin? Has anyone else experienced this? I believe I heard some skin swellign can happen with chemo. I am curretnly doing the BEP treatment. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


                          I will call my urologist today just to be safe.


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                            I havent experienced this but i have have some discomfort in my "good" ball. Nothing would surprise me as a symptom of chemo, it seems to just rove around the body and say "oh look at that thing there, lets see what i can do to that today!!"

                            I hope your urologist can help you


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                              You Rock Sweeny

                              I hacked my wifes account to make this post. BEP is going to kick cancers ass. It did for me. I was scheduled for 3 cycles but Doc bumped it to 4 at the end because I had a pretty nasty tumor. After my lymphectomy, which was done robitically at the mayo clinic here in Phoenix, we saw that chemo did it's job and killed the cancer. Since you'll have some extra time on your hands go to my blog and read about my story. My biggest advise is to shave a mohawk before you lose your hair. leave comments on my blog or email me direct if you want to talk.
                              Husband Marc diagnosed on 10/11/11
                              Left orchiectomy 10/12/11
                              Embryonal carcinoma
                              CT scan - enlarged abdominal lymph node
                              Small questionable mass on chest scan
                              BEP x 3 maybe 4 started 11/7/11