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testosterone therapy - risk of cancers?

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  • testosterone therapy - risk of cancers?

    Is there a risk of prostate cancer for those who do not have testicles and they do testosterone replacement therapy? Are there other risks? What have you heard? If there is a risk i will keep my partial orchiectomy with controls against to do the complete and i have this appointment for next wensday!

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    Well, the literature that comes with the testosterone says there is a risk, but it does not say the risk is any greater than a guy with normal testicles & T levels. While in the past they have given drugs to stop T production in guys with prostate cancer, I'm not certain that they still do.

    In any event having testosterone in your body, natural or otherwise, increases the odds.

    Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
    Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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      I have read about what you said
      i want to investigate more


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        We don't know if those on HRT have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. We know that prostate cancer growth (when the cancer is already present) is driven by testosterone. We still use "androgen deprivation therapy" (to reduce testosterone) to decrease the growth of metastatic prostate cancer. However, if you have hypogonadism, the benefits of HRT greatly outweigh the potential harms.

        Having said that, I would advise all testis cancer survivors to carefully look into whether they would want PSA testing done. There are all sorts of nuances involved in PSA testing and there are lots of pros/cons. But there does appear to be some link between testis cancer and an increased risk of prostate cancer.
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        7/1/2015: felt tiny lump on side of R testicle
        7/30/2015: Ultrasound shows 2 intra-testicular masses.
        7/31/2015: tumor markers normal, CXR clear
        8/5/2015: R orchiectomy
        8/11/2015: Pathology: 1.2 x 1.0 x 1.0 cm, embryonal 80%, seminoma 20%, with LVI and rete testis invasion
        8/14/2015: CT abdomen/pelvis clear, Stage 1b
        8/24/2015: started 1 x BEP


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          I started andro gel 2 weeks ago and its been amazing. I was having a really tough time before hand, its making me feel like "me". Even if there is an increased risk, in my opinion its 100% worth it
          11/16- Pain/lump in R testicle 11/16- US finds multiple masses 11/16- Right I/O path multifocal largest nodule 2.1cm 100% EC with LVI/rete testis invasion. 12/16- Ct/markers normal stage 1b 12/16- Ct/markers normal 1/17- rplnd pN1 2 nodes 1.8/1.4 cm EC Stage IIA 2/20 ct/markers clear! 3/1/17 started androgel for low T 4/27/17 Relapsed. Multiple lymph nodes in mesentary and few nodes in retriperitoneum. Start 3x bep. Ct after 2nd cycle revealed all masses already resolved! Continue last cycle! 6/26/17 Finished 3x bep!