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Testicular biopsy scar tissue?

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  • Testicular biopsy scar tissue?

    Hey there
    Yesterday I had intercourse with my GF and get alittle it of pain. Maybe the actions was abit to much, as the feeling is now gone! But it made me check my ball and I did find alittle lump there smaller then a pea.

    Now I have had my right testicle removed and gone through chemo! Had the stomach surgery aswel along side a biopsy of the remaining testicle.

    The doctors did mention that I had some scar tissue show up on the pictures. But my question is if this bump could be the result of the biopsy?

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    Did you go for an ultrasound yet or were these old pictures that the doctor said was scar tissue? It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get an ultrasound done just to see what it says. If there is questions about the ultrasound then I would see if I couldn't reach out to doctors in areas that frequently to biopsies on the remaining testicle. I believe this was done a lot in the SWENOTECA group in Sweeden and Norway. I have no idea how they procedurally did the biopsy on you. I am assuming at the time of the previous orchiectomy.

    The TCRC site is down but there is an archived version at: that has a link to the doctors in Norway and either might be worth asking about if biopsies lead to abnormal ultrasound readings down the road. Again, that is depending on what your ultrasound would reveal.

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      Okay ultrasound come back in abit of a different way
      It shows a veriocecele and a homogeneous echotexture. So I guess that's good news?
      Why the second though? What is it?


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        The girl taking he pics said I should be happy?