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LDH high 2 cycles in

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  • LDH high 2 cycles in

    My tumor markers were never high pre chemo, now starting bep 3/3 we ran setums again. Afp and HCG both look good but my LDH is at 487.

    I know LDH is pretty non-specific and my oncologist isn't worried about it much, but I just wanted to run that number by people here to see if they agree.

    I've been getting nuelasta if that matterd
    *** Serum Markers Never High***
    July 14, 2017: Lump on right testicle
    July 20: US show 3 lesions "highly suspicious for testicular cancer"
    July 26: Pelvic CT shows 1 lymph node @ 2cm, 1 @ 1.4cm
    July 30: Right Radical Orchiectomy
    Aug 2: Pathology report "100% Embryonal Carcinoma"
    Aug 20: Oncologist stages 2A, wants RPLND primary treatment, 2nd CT
    Sept 13: 2nd CT shows nodes now 2.4cm and 1.8cm
    Sept 15: Now Stage 2B, New treatment 3x BEP
    Oct. 2: Begin 3x BEP
    Nov. 28: Finish 3x BEP 2018
    Jan. 04: First all clear CT. Scattered Ground Glass Opacity in lungs common to drug toxicity
    8/21/18: Blood tests/CT negative. STILL ALL CLEAR

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    My case seemed very similar to yours. I’m not a doctor but I had the same issue right after nuelasta. Nuelasta I absolutely believe is the reason for the LDH rising. I’ve heard it from here and others that it can absolutely cause it to rise as mine did too have it.
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    3/29/17 Diagnosed 100% Embryonal 4/10/17 Left I/O CT scan shows a few suspicious lymph (biggest 1.9 cm) 5/8/17 - 7/3/17 3xBEP 7/20/17 CT Scan Clear, AFP has uptick to 19 8/16/17 AFP Drops in half to 10, ALL CLEAR! 9/12/18 All clears up to here!


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      Technically, LDH is a measure of inflammation anywhere in the body, so not really a good tumor marker for TC, even though it is sometimes used as one.Combined with other tests, it may help to diagnose TC. On it's own, not conclusive in most cases.

      Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
      Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP