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  • Radiotheraphy

    Anyone can post his feedback who did radiotherapy for stage 2 seminoma, and how was it ? do u need active surveillance after ? how do they check that the cancer growth in lymphs are gone ? anyone had recurrence or u considered urself cured ?

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    Stage 2 there is a lot of debate over how many scans are necessary... according to my onc there is a 90% chance that radiation will be a complete cure. Roswell uses the nci guidelines.... I've had 2 cat scans and 3 chest x rays since completing radiation in August 2016 ( I relapsed from stage 1 to stage 2b from October 2015 to June 2016).... my next cat scan and cheat x ray is December 8th... and if I am clear we will do cat scans at 6 and 12 months after that.... then I believe it goes yearly.... though I can tell you that most doctors are pretty flexible if you want anything extra. I asked for an extra chest x ray in the middle just because the lungs are the area it spreads to most commonly after the pa lymph nodes.... ask your doc for the nci guide lines that's probably what you will have....

    As for radiation itself... it was abreeze for me.... and so far so good..... it's a lot easier to handle than chemo but is a bit more risky as it doesn't treat anything outside of the radiation field. Please feel free to pm me or email me for any info, I would be happy to answer more qs


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      thanks a lot mate, i have sent you a private message