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Fatigue after orchiectomy

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  • Fatigue after orchiectomy

    I had my orchiectomy just last week. They removed just one and I am experiencing a lot of fatigue. I have a 2 year old and my poor wife is taking on so much more than she should have to bear. I was already behind at work and since I told them what was happening, I figured that they would give me some time to catch up. Unfortunately, I was wrong and they stepped up the pressure. I hope to get a medical leave of absence but if they deny it, I'm at peace with finding new work. My prognosis is very good, likely surveillance pending a 2nd reading of my abdominal ct scan.

    Is it normal to feel such fatigue? Itís really damaging my life and putting a lot of strain on my family. Iím otherwise feeling great. Just somewhat sore in the remaining one and near the incision.

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    You might want to get your testosterone levels checked


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      If it is had been a little over week, than listen to your body. Everyone heals differently after an Orchietcomy. As far as Testostrone, you might want to get levels checked, but your body is probably still in the adjusting stage. Also, did you have your levels checked before surgery?
      Hang in there, if you still feel the same in the next week, maybe see a doctor.
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        Some fatigue is normal after any surgery as your body heals. However if I understand you correctly youare experiencing extreme fatigue? A check of T levels is certainly appropriate, just to know if it's low, but I wouldn't rush to TRT just yet if it is, sometimes it can take a bit for the body to adjust post I/O.

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          I personally would not be overly worried about fatigue in this kind of acute situation. You just went through a stressful situation and surgery. Chronic fatigue can be a long-term complication of testicular cancer but you are really in the acute phase now and simply may just need some rest.

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