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A thanks and a history

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  • A thanks and a history

    Hello, everyone,

    first i just want to thank all the community for this wonderful forum that has helped myself and many others along getting to know and fight TC.

    I myself was diagnosed 2 moths ago with Stage I TC that was a 1 cm mass on the right testicle. The histology report indicated a nonseminoma with 95 % EC and 5 % Seminoma. AFP before surgery was elevated to 11 and HCG was 10 that both went down after surgery to less then their minimums. No invasion anywhere. Post op CT scans also showed nothing. Regardless the docs advised 1 round of BEP as an adjuvant chemotherapy. Just before the Chemo we did another blood test and saw that AFP has come back up to 7. That was a real blow to deal with but since it was not a lot and right before BEP i calmed myself down.

    Today i will have my blood redone since a week ago i finished the BEP. Realy anxious. Anyone got advice or an opinion on my state?

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    hi SewiousMeow,

    No need to fear, you are in a very good starting position. the absolute and unlikely worst case is 3 BEP but I think you will be OK with one as planned. the doctors will see.


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      My AFP was never elevated until my post chemo tests. It went from 4-5 pre chemo up to around 19. I was freaking out, but the next test was down to 10 and the next test was in the single digits. I asked Dr. Einhorn his opinion and he said never worry until it hits 25. Yours being at 7 isnít really a huge cause for concern. AFP is tricky and can do weird things. Worst case would be turning 1 BEP into 3 x BEP I think but I doubt that it would happen.
      3/29/17 Diagnosed 100% Embryonal 4/10/17 Left I/O CT scan shows a few suspicious lymph (biggest 1.9 cm) 5/8/17 - 7/3/17 3xBEP 7/20/17 CT Scan Clear, AFP has uptick to 19 8/16/17 AFP Drops in half to 10, ALL CLEAR! 9/12/18 All clears up to here!


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        Hello again,

        thank your opinions, they really mean a lot. Anyway, a little update - got the blood result back and it looks really good. AFP is down and everything else seems to be in good shape as well. Next appointment in three months to check up but officially on surveillance.