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What were your experiences with these methods?

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  • simone22
    started a topic What were your experiences with these methods?

    What were your experiences with these methods?

    Hey warriors

    So, this is my third post here and I just wanted to ask lovely people over here, what are your alternative methods? I mean, I'm not looking for some magical cure or something, but a viable solutions that would help my dad. That is, to ease his pain, at least.

    I went through the Budwig, some probiotics, etc. but nothing feels good enough. Then I found some chinese herbal products (slightly better), Zamanto (testing now and so far, looking good; fingers crossed) and even oil therapies.

    I just want to make my dad feel better, so I've dedicated my life to help save his. So, please advise, if possible. Thank you all and keep fighting!

    Yours truly

  • HouTex
    The Zamato method sounds like it might be a good lifestyle change. But I wouldn’t pay for it nor expect it to cure my cancer.

    TC treatment protocols have cured tens of thousands. With more than 8,000 per year being diagnosed with TC and a 95% cure rate, that’s 76,000 over 10 years.

    Zamato has his mother and 2 reviews published, and another 800 ‘patients’.

    Go with established medical science, which for TC is well proven and very effective.

    Of course, one should follow with good diet/exercise/yoga/etc. for the body; parallel activities for the mind; social interaction and giving of time/talents for the soul; these can provide so much to oneself.

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  • dcalandrelli
    Not sure about natural supplements, but TC is highly curable when people go with the standard treatments. In terms of feeling better when going through treatments I found going on walks to be beneficial if you are looking for ways to feel better than medication. What current treatments is he receiving?

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