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post chemo growths?

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  • post chemo growths?

    Quick rundown of my history, 4 years ago left I/o, 100% seminoma. 3 months ago 2 enlarged lymph nodes at 4cm. Finished bepx3 3 weeks ago, post chemo ct scan shows lymph nodes are now 1.3cm, well within the limits of servelience reccomendations. However post chemo chest CT shows 2 new growths on my lungs, 3mm and 4mm. My oncologist didn't even mention the growths on my lungs, I found them after reviewing my results online. He recommended me going to visit my urologist for further treatment options, however I'm having a hell of a time getting in to see my urologist at the moment (was told earliest apt was 2 months away) haha. I would like to know what to expect as far as treatment goes for these, if it's as simple as keeping an eye on them for a while, or maybe a biopsy is in needed? Thanks for any input

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    I really can't understand why your oncologist would be sending you back to a urologist at this point? I woukd expect the oncologist to treat me until I was clear.

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      My oncologist has been clueless from the start, I've had to redirect him on my tumor type twice now, and he has been very honest about not knowing anything about tc from the beginning. I couldn't be happier moving on to a new oncologist (I do have a tc experienced oncologist lined up) however was looking for a little peace of mind during this waiting game.


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        hi Static X ,

        First, Try to find a decent oncologist, it is sad indeed that he is so clueless.

        Second, what is the exact wording on your growth in your lungs? It could be an infection too.


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          New 3mm nodular opacity in the left upper lobe adjacent to the major fissure. New 4mm nodular opacities if left lower lobe. Minimal bibasilar subsegmental atelectasis. No pleural effusion. No pneumothorax.


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            Yep, get a new oncologist. There is a good chance those lung nodules are more than likely nothing, especially after going through 3xBEP.
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            10/1/15: bloodwork normal, ct scan shows 2 lymph nodes 1.0cm
            10/26/15: 2nd opinion on CT results - lymph nodes normal. Surveillance!
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              Iíve seen many cases here where something pops on lungs and liver and turn out to be nothing.
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                I agree in that I don;t know why the oncologist would be sending to to the urologist for long-term follow up if the oncologist had not addressed these new lesions. However, as long as someone is ordering the proper tests for follow up then I suppose it doesn't matter which one, although you probably wouldn't need to see both.

                I would ask the new physician if the new lesions are consistent with lung changes seen after BEPx3. I personally would want an experienced answer but would not be overly concerned during the brief waiting period as the lesions are small at this point and bleomycin can cause changes is the lungs.

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