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  • LDH Isoenzymes

    My first time posting here. My husband was diagnosed back in June 2012 with Stage 1b non-seminoma. Pathology was 100% EC w/ a single foci of LVI. Markers were all normal. He opted for 1xBEP since he had a 50% chance of relapse on surveillance. His oncologist recommended 2xBEP but I consulted with Dr. Einhorn who said that only 1 cycle was recommended. All markers and CT scans have been normal and he was discharged from oncology in June 2017. His follow up protocol aligned with NCCN mostly but he did have CT scans in the 3rd and 4th year that NCCN doesn't call for. His oncologist recommended that he have his PCP check tumor markers once a year and he had them done with his physical a few weeks ago. All levels came back normal except our PCP ordered LDH isoenzymes in addition to total LDH and those came back completely out of range. I think the test was ordered accidently but the results are still making me nervous. He was elevated on LD5. He spoke to his oncologist today who told him that LDH is very non specific but he wouldn't completely ignore the results and suggested retesting in 3-4 months. Does anyone have any experience with LDH isoenzymes results and connections to TC? Thanks!