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  • Polyembryoma?

    Hello everyone,

    I had a right inguinal orchiectomy on 2/5, and have recovered nicely. Pathology revealed a mixed germ cell tumor stage pT1 with embryonal carcinoma, yolk sac, and teratoma, with no lymphovascular invasion. I then went to MD Anderson in Houston for a second opinion, which revealed similarly, 90% EC, 5% Teratoma, 5% Yolk Sac, again no lymphovascular invasion. CT scans at MD Anderson were negative for metastasis, but my oncologist is keeping a close eye on a slightly larger lymph node (around a centimeter). My question to everyone deals with my initial pathology report, as it included the word "polyembryoma." Does anyone know what this means? I have heard some places that this is just a pattern seen in mixed GTCs, but my oncologist at MD Anderson said there is a bit of controversy as to what it really is, and the pathologists at MD Anderson generally don't include it in their report.

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    btw, in case anyone was curious, pre orchiectomy markers: bHCG=5, AFP=8.2. Post Orchiectomy Makers: bHCG= <1, AFP = 4.1


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      I have not really heard the term polyembryoma, but from what I can search it appears that it is a combination of embryonal and yolk sac elements. From what I saw it behaves just like other germ cell tumors but it is certainly something to ask your oncologist. It may be a term that has fallen out of favor and perhaps that is why it isn't seen very often in reports now? Just a guess.

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        Thanks Mike! I guess what was intriguing to me was the fact that it was described as "aggressive" but I guess that's fairly typical of non-seminomatous GCTs, particularly if they have a high EC%.