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Anxiety for up coming chemo weight control?

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  • Anxiety for up coming chemo weight control?

    Hey all. Just wanted to kinda vent and get some advice on some things that are heavy on my mind.

    1. I have upcoming ct scans in the end of may. My first scans were on February 20, which was 39 days after I finished my three rounds of EP. Yes EP. Due complications (blood clotting from port along with cellulitis) I could not finish the fourth round. Those scans showed all lymph nodes in my abdomen back to normal size. I had only one lymph node that was large enough to categorize me as stage 2B, with a pathology report of Pure seminoma. However, there was a lung nodule that grew to 9mm from a scan on 20 January to the last one in 20 February. All I can think about is having a recurrence this coming may. I just keep playing over and over in my mind the doctors reading me the results, "you have relapsed with multiple nodules in your lungs and you are now stage 3b or c". My oncologist highly doubts the lung nodule is related to the TC considering the chemo melted away all cancer within my abdominal lymph nodes. I hope that he is right. All I can do is really wait, but it causes so much anxiety. The life of a cancer patient/survivor.

    2. Has anyone else had problem with weight gain and management post chemo? When I was on chemo, they gave me some serious steroids to help cope with the nausea. I finished chemo on 12 January 2018. I was admitted to the hospital directly after and then home health to the end of February 2018. Beginning march 2018 to now, which is 7 weeks, I have been working out extremely hard and often. I have been doing insanity, CrossFit, traditional heavy weight lifting, and cardio. This is week 7 I have been working out regularly and I still weight 227 pounds. I weight approximately 210 before I started chemo. I also eat pretty healthy at least 60% of the time. We cook at home and seldom eat out. Anyone have a similar experience or advice on how to speed up weight loss?