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High blood pressure

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  • High blood pressure

    Hi there finished my 3◊BEP 2 weeks ago I did not have my last 2 rounds of bleo due toxicity and it reduced my lung function but the past week I have had some weird things going on I have cold like symptoms all week plus pains in both legs and a tingling in the left hand side of my face this morning I checked my blood pressure and it was really high and my wife anted me me get checked out by a doctor so I got to the ER doctor and they took my blood pressure and it was 179/119 really high over the next few hours they did a round of blood work which came back fine and they did a head ct which come back fine and over the next few hours it dropped to about 140/88 and they told me this could be high because of all the chemo drugs and it should settle down and to follow up my my primary care doctor. My question is did anyone have high blood pressure after finishing chemo

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    My primary care doctor agrees with the ER doctors that my high blood pressure is from all the chemo medications and it should settle down over time I hope there right


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      Yeah my blood pressure was slightly higher as was my heart rate than what Iím used to. Once the chemo was over and within few weeks it normalized