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Late relapse/ treatment options

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  • Late relapse/ treatment options

    I like to make new topics just to make it easier since it’s a bit of a different subject.

    Quick refresh, cancer at 22 stage 3b chemo (bep/ep) followed by RPLND. clear 2011-2018

    2018 severe back pain, ct tumor found, lung spots, and positive for in the bone.
    EP chemo given again (already went over that was wrong)

    Genetic testing came back with no favorable mutations, which I was told to expect.

    Dr.E’s advice is for taxol and something with a G (I have think the VeIP but I was expecting nothing with cisplatin). Need to bring back up the question of trials.

    Have an appointment for MD Anderson, Dr.Neito (sorry if that’s misspelled) and the option of high dose chemo/ stem cell. I don’t really like that it’s 2 weeks away, but that’s the soonest they said they could get me in.
    It’s a 2 day thing I was told. And for some reason I just blanked on asking why.
    Has anyone else been to MDA or even better MDA and Dr.Neito.

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    My experience at MD Anderson so far has been that they are extremely thorough, and talk about all possible scenarios with their patients. I think generally they tell patients to plan to stay for 2-5 business days just to be sure there is adequate time to do scans, tests, consultations, etc. I do not have experience with Dr. Nieto, the oncologist I saw was Dr. Shi Ming Tu who has been excellent. MD Anderson stands out because they avoid the "one size fits all" treatment mentality with testis cancer, and personally examine each case as something unique, avoiding both over-treating and under-treating patients. I hope your appointment goes well!


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      Hello, we are in Houston and my husband is a two-year survivor of IIIb nonseminoma. All of his treatments (4 x BEP, orchiectomy/neck node resection) were done at MDA. Most of his surveillance have been done at a regional MDA facility closer to our home in Katy. Even those usually consist of two days - first day is labs (with scans sometimes) and then second day (one to two days after labs) is the follow-up appointment. We don't have experience with Dr. Nieto, but hope there is a good plan of action for your treatment in Houston.