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Does anyone know what the relapse rate following successful BEPx3 is?

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  • Does anyone know what the relapse rate following successful BEPx3 is?

    I was stage 2A, embryonal carcinoma and BEP x 3 appeared to have killed everything! There are no visible residual masses and blood work is normal. I'm very happy about this. Does anyone know what the relapse rate is? My oncologist said 3-5%, although I thought it might be a bit lower.

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    I know that there are two different relapse rates.
    Early relapse, generally within two years. I’m not sure the rate.
    Late relapse, generally any relapse after 2 years. Is about 2%.


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      Dr. Einhorn had told me with my early stage 2 embryonal I had about 100% cure rate with 3xBEP alone. I have seen that a couple times on here from different guys who asked him from years ago that are all fine and never had issues since. I guess from that the opposite would be the relapse for such an early stage would be close to 0% based on Einhorns words. I saw that one link here to a study that showed 100% EC had a 90% cure rate for all cases with 3xBEP alone which included all stages from 2a - 3c. In that study only 3% of anyone had active cancer left while the other 7% had a teratoma which I believe was all from the stage 3 patients. The closer to the lower the higher that number is I’d imagine so I’m assuming. I just stick with Einhorn in the belief that I’m “almost certainly cured”. Heck, my AFP rose to 19 right after chemo he was so convinced that the 3xBEP would work he said there was “zero chance of persistent cance” and a month later it dropped in half as he said it would. Hope this helps! Hearing stories has always been helpful to me, but when it comes from Dr. Einhorn I found it especially helpful.
      3/29/17 Diagnosed 100% Embryonal 4/10/17 Left I/O CT scan shows a few suspicious lymph (biggest 1.9 cm) 5/8/17 - 7/3/17 3xBEP 7/20/17 CT Scan Clear, AFP has uptick to 19 8/16/17 AFP Drops in half to 10, ALL CLEAR! 9/12/18 All clears up to here!