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Hematoma lump after I/O

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  • Hematoma lump after I/O

    It's been 3 weeks since my I/O. I saw my oncologist yesterday and he pointed out I have a lump in my scrotum where my left testicle was. It's large enough that he asked if I had an implant, (which I did not). Has any one else had one of these? If so how long did it take to go away?

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    I think it took mine at least a few weeks to go away, I would not be concerned if it felt fine and was slowly shrinking.
    6/5/15: bHCG 27,AFP 8.66, LDH 361, 5.6cm lymph node - Stage IIC
    6/16/15: Left I/O 85% EC, 10% chorio, 5% yolk sac opinion 2 (mayo) 90% EC, 10% yolk sac
    7/7/15: bHCG 56, AFP 42, LDH 322
    7/13/15: begin 4xEP, end 9/18/15
    10/1/15: bloodwork normal, ct scan shows 2 lymph nodes 1.0cm
    10/26/15: 2nd opinion on CT results - lymph nodes normal. Surveillance!
    4/6/16: 1.7cm X 1.5cm lymph node found with markers normal.
    4/20/16: RPLND @ IU - teratoma only!
    4/15/19: all clears up to this date!


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      Been about 6 weeks for me, and it's still kinda there. Definitely smaller though.
      04/27/18 Left I/O; mixed non-seminoma; 70% EC, 20% Seminoma, 10% Teratoma; b-HCG 10
      05/03/18 CT, CXR; b-HCG 4
      05/10/18 Stage IIB with one lymph node 2.1x1.4cm
      05/14/18 b-HCG ~0
      06/04/18 Start BEPx3
      07/31/18 Finish chemo
      08/14/18 Follow-up CT Scan, CXR, markers clear
      08/16/18 Surveillance
      12/13/18 Markers clear
      03/14/19 CT, CXR, markers clear



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