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2 Yr Post Orchiectomy Pain

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  • 2 Yr Post Orchiectomy Pain

    Hi Everyone,

    Curious if anyone else is experiencing this type of pain. I had my orchiectomy 2 years ago, and dealt with the usual after-surgery issues (swollen, bruising, hematoma, etc.) -- but it's been 2 years, so everything has been ironed out, for the most part. Ever since the orchiectomy, I experience pain in the area where I believe something was cut (perhaps the spermatic cord). I mentioned it to my urologist a while back, and he said it wasn't out of the ordinary.

    I think this has previously been referred to as the "grape" in these forums, though I'm not entirely sure -- but it feels sort of like a small "nub" that you can feel higher up in the scrotum, on the side of where my testicle used to be. The pain is the type of pain one might experience from a scar; I have a similar type of pain from my orchiectomy/port incision points.

    It seems like this grape/nub has progressively moved higher up in the last year, and lately I feel like it's bothering more. Now that it is in a higher spot, it gets pressure more often (i.e. from pants, day-to-day movement, etc.).

    Does anybody have experience with this? Just wondering if this is part of the norm.


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    Let me start out first by saying get in touch with the PUR clinic. Dr Parraktell(sp) is world renowned for urologist pain conditions. His office is in Claremont Fl which is just west of Orlando.
    Second the pain could be fiber tissue growth on the stump. So from if i am reading what you wrote correctly. Then more than likely and i am no doctor but its basically little fibers that regrow at the end of the cord stump like the body is trying to repair itself. So it will be painful achy and even burning sensation.
    Dr Para will inject the area with cryo material and allgon. Cryo to get rid of the fibers clumps and allgon to promote healthy skin healing. Again i am no doctor just had alot of issues post chemo same as what you are having plus the site where they removed the testicle thru I/O. Dr Para has been a godsend. Hope that helps
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      Update on this, in case anyone has words of wisdom. I told my oncologist about the recent sensitivity of my "grape/nub", and she went ahead and ordered an ultrasound just to be safe. The results came in as:

      "The area of pain and probable abnormality, there is a 7 mm irregularly-shaped subcutaneous nodule that corresponds to a hypervascular nodule on the recent CT scan. This is nonspecific, could potentially represent scar tissue or tumor. Short interval follow-up is advised. This would be amenable to percutaneous FNA if indicated."

      So the "scar tissue" part makes sense, since that is what my urologist had told me in the past. The "tumor" part is what's concerning. My oncologist said that the radiologists have to put that to cover themselves (since both scar tissue and tumors can exhibit similar characteristics in an ultrasound), but that it was completely up to me if I wanted to get an needle (FNA) biopsy done.

      Getting a biopsy does not seem appealing, especially if it is just the "grape" / scar tissue that everyone else here experiences. Anyone else have a similar experience and/or can comment on the biopsy process?

      FWIW, I sent an email to Einhorn to get his perspective, and he came back with this line -- "Cannot comment on the ultrasound other than to say if this nodule is NOT inside the testis it is of no concern."


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        I had a needle biopsy on my lung 15 years ago, I didn't feel a thing, so don't be concerned about the procedure if needed.I personally don't know what is meant by "the grape" never experienced anything similar, I do not believe it is all that common, actually. A follow up scan is not a bad idea, if it is growing it needs further attention, if not, probably nothing to worry about. I am not a doc, though.

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          Thanks, Dave. I actually just saw my urologist (who performed the orchiectomy), and he said it is a "stump" that simply represents where the spermatic cord was cut and tied up. He did not think it was an issue at all, and was slightly baffled why the radiologist would even call it out on the ultrasound. He said it's just scar tissue, and that he has it as well (coincidentally he had testicular cancer too).

          But at the end of the day, he advised just to go ahead and get a needle biopsy since the radiologist opened the question -- and just have it come back as scar tissue so I don't have to get any more ultrasounds.


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            Good to know it's only scar tissue! Why is it painful then?
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