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Abdominal Pain & Lump in Scrotum after I/O

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  • Abdominal Pain & Lump in Scrotum after I/O

    After one week since right I/O, I started having the same mild pain I had before the surgery in lower abdomen. Is it a common phenomenon after I/O? Or could this be just a phantom pain?

    Getting worried by this symptom, I examined my scrotum for the first time after I/O today, and found something that feel like a lump on the right side of the scrotum... What could this be? Part of spermatic cord that's been cut off during I/O? Or tumor again?

    My next appointment is next Tuesday and this cancer is really killing me psychologically... even though I have not been the type to get worried about things all my life, the cancer is changing me.
    10/24/2018: Diagnosed with tumor
    10/29/2018: Right I/O, Pre-I/O markers: AFP: 557, HCG: 9770, LDH: 807
    11/05/2018: Pathology: Embryonal 75%, Choriocarcinoma 20%, Yolk sac tumor 5%. 4.2 x 3.5 x3.5 cm. Tumor confined testis. No LVI

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    I remember feeling something similar on my husband after his I/O. The urologist said something like it was mesenchymal tissue and it would eventually resolve and feel normal again which it did. You just had surgery, there’s a lot of swelling, tissue damage, minor nerves that get cut. I think everything you are feeling is probably normal but obviously ask your doctor.

    My husband and I had several doctors tell us that this was a good cancer to be diagnosed with which is true if you can consider any kind to be good. For us it’s been a nightmare but the bottom line is you are probably going to be just fine but thay doesn’t make it less terrifying or make it mess with your mind less and you are still so early in the process. I don’t think there is a way to be diagnosed with cancer and have it not change you. Allow yourself those feelings.


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      kohelet, I had the same symptoms, and it turned out blood that solidified after I/O. If that's what it is, it's completely harmless and will go away on it's own! In any case, there can nothing else inside because it's all removed and there is a wall between that and the second testicle so it cannot spread. Of course, your specialist will need to confirm in person... Hope it helps!
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