Hi All,

Here is my story:
-Summer 2014: number of lymph nodes in abdomen, none enlarged but always there
-June 2018- Diagnosed with testicular cancer, pure seminoma. First thought to be stage 2 because of lymph node of 1.1 cm near para aortic, but because of the images from 2014, it was downgraded to stage 1 with the idea that my body just had this lymph since 2014 and it hadnt increased.
- Oct 2018: surveillance images all good
- Jan 2019: That lymph more than doubled in size and is now over 3 cm so dr now thinks i was always stage 2 and not stage 1. He also wants to make sure this isnt something else like another cancer since it was in my body pre-testicular cancer (lymphoma possibly).

I am awaiting tests, not sure what to do or how to feel. I would be ready to go if stage 2 seminoma because i had prepared myself to the chemo, but now feels like another wait to confirm this isnt another type of cancer.

Wanted to see if anyone had heard of something like this? is this increase in size from 1.1 to 3.2 possible for seminoma in 3 months?

Thanks everyone- This forum has always been a great help.