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should i contact my oncologist

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  • should i contact my oncologist

    June 7th 2017 - diagnosed with TC in both testicles at the same time
    June 8th 2017 - had CT scan the cancer was just confined to the testicles
    June 13th 2017 - had them both removed
    June 20th 2017 - pathology came back pure seminoma in both testiles started observation
    Feb 9th 2018 - After my CT scan they found 2 enlarged abdominal lymph nodes
    March 5th 2018 - Started 3 * BEP
    April end of 2018 - Finished BEP did not have last 2 Bleo rounds due to reduced lung function
    May start of 2018 - CT scan all clear in remission
    October start of 2018 - CT scan all clear

    So here is what is going on with me in August of 2018 i was having a lot of neck pain a lot worse than normal so i had an MRI and i had disk degeneration from C2 all the way to C7 and i had to see a neurosurgeon which i did at the start of November he said it's not quite surgical yet and recommended i go to a pain management clinic and i made an appointment so between then and the appointment my shoulder (left side) and neck was really bad so went to the ER they did a neck CT all clear and they gave me steroids and it helped a little so at the pain management clinic mid December they gave me a cervical epidural cervical and that really did not work so fast forward to January 16 th off this year my neck was sore but i was getting a lot of burning pain in my right shoulder and a general burning pain all over my back very painful so back to the ER they did a chest and spine xray and that was clear of any possible tumors they said i had a pinched nerve in my right shoulder and they gave me pain killers and muscle relaxers and its not really helped so here we are 2 weeks later still in pain and i have also developed some pain in both rib cages could this be a possible sign of recurrence and should i contact my oncologist my next CT is due at the start of April


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    It may not hurt to schedule an appt. with your Onc. if any thing but to keep them in the loop. If you can get a copy of your CT then maybe you can have a second read/opinion of it from your Oncologist or another radiologist while you wait till April for the next regularly scheduled CT.

    Also, the areas you are talking about are not typical spread paths for Seminoma, or TC in general.

    I am more inclined to think it is indeed a pinched nerve from what you have explained. I'd try to find a good physical therapist that specializes in that area (neck, shoulder, back, spine) because you may be able to get some relief with some exercises. My dad has similar issues but in his case it's much lower down on the spine....pinched nerve, burning sensation through the upper thigh, been dealing with it for 3 months now.

    - Matt
    March 4th 2014: [AFP = 2.5; bHCG = 6; LDH = 618]
    March 13th: Left IO 100% Classic Seminoma
    6.3 x 5.1 x 3.8 cm, no invasion of anything
    LDH never fully normalized
    Stage: IS
    Watchful Waiting
    May 1st: promoted to Stage IIB with two PET active tumors in the para-aortic lymph nodes 2.5 & 2.4 cm
    May 12th: started 3xBEP
    Neupogen during Cycle 2 and 3
    July 8th: Last Bleo shot of Cycle 3 -- chemo completed !
    August 4th: Post Chemo CT/PET scan
    September 4th: Port removed
    Jan 9th 2019: 4.5 YEARS ALL CLEAR !


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      What did the pain clinic say about the treatment that didn't work?
      Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
      Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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        I have an appointment with them next week but the pain is spreading to both rib cages so I will be contacting my oncologist today