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My AFP nearly doubled but is still in the healthy range.What to do?

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  • My AFP nearly doubled but is still in the healthy range.What to do?

    Hi everyone, so for my blood tests in September and November my AFP was at 5.3 and then 4.7. Today I just found out that my Feb 14 test came back at 8.2. I know this is still in the ok range but it seems like a large increase in two months. I am obviously really nervous about it. Could there be another explanation? Alcohol? I admit that I did have a pretty alcohol heavy January and February. Any help is appreciated.

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    A few things might cause an elevation a stressed liver is one of them. Mine has gone just over the high end of the range several times over the years by a point or two, only to be in range the next test. Tey need to keep an eye on it, but odds are good it's nothing to worry about.

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      There's numerous reasons why AFP can be elevated having nothing to do with cancer, and AFP isn't considered a solid indicator for cancer until it reaches around 25. What were your markers elevated to initially? AFP going from 4 to 8 is still within "lab test normal" range, but yes, worrisome and something to keep an eye on. I know it's stressful, but hopefully it's nothing.
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        My initial AFP before operation was 30.



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