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My AFP nearly doubled but is still in the healthy range.What to do?

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  • My AFP nearly doubled but is still in the healthy range.What to do?

    Hi everyone. So after my orchiectomy my AFP dropped to a healthy range of 5 or so. This most recent test, however, showed it go up to 8.2. I know that anything under 10 is still ok but it seems like such a huge increase in two months. It nearly doubled! Is there a non cancer reason for this? My doctor is having me come in a month sooner to get my CTs done. Could alcohol increase it? I have been drinking a lot more in the past month. I noticed that on my liver panel my ALT level is elevated as well.

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    I think I posted this like 3 times on mistake. I apologize :-p


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      Lots of things can raise AFP, especially alcohol. I would lay off the drinking and I bet your next test will be lower.
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        My story is a little different as I went through chemo and it appears you may not have, but I had mine go from 5 to 12 to 19 during chemo. I freaked out and messaged Dr. Einhorn he told me don’t worry about AFP unless it hits 25. Next test it was down to 10 and it’s been in the single digits ever since. I chalked it up to cell death from the chemo and moved on, but tests can be all over the place and some people can just naturally have higher rates of AFP. It is well below Einhorns 25 mark, so probably not of great concern.
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          Yeah you don't need to worry about AFP until it's at 25 or higher. Lots of reasons for it to fluctuate.
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