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  • Question.

    June 7th 2017 - diagnosed with TC in both testicles at the same time
    June 8th 2017 - had CT scan the cancer was just confined to the testicles
    June 13th 2017 - had them both removed
    June 20th 2017 - pathology came back pure seminoma in both testiles started observation
    Feb 9th 2018 - After my CT scan they found 2 enlarged abdominal lymph nodes
    March 5th 2018 - Started 3 * BEP
    April end of 2018 - Finished BEP did not have last 2 Bleo rounds due to reduced lung function
    May start of 2018 - CT scan all clear in remission
    October start of 2018 - CT scan all clear

    So my question is regarding back pain and for those who had it has a symptom of the original cancer or a recurrence i have been having very mild lower back pain for a few weeks but last Friday it suddenly over the day got a lot worse to the point where i could not even bend down and the pain was going in to my leg as well and i was struggling to walk so here we are nearly a week later and its still just as bad i have done all the the normal things with a bad back like ice and heat rest anti inflammatorys and nothing. So to those who had back pain was there pain similar to mine. And also with my CT scan being clear at the start of October could a tumor grow that big in less than 5 months to cause this pain i do have an appointment with my oncologist on Wednesday also


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    I know this isn’t really the answer you are looking for but I would ask what your normal CT scan interval is. I’m thinking it could be every 3 or 6 months and for your peace of mind you could ask your oncologist on Wednesday to get the scan a month early or just get one anyway.

    Each and every ache and pain can be looked at as cancer but most likely isn’t. It call comes down to you sleeping well at night. Your oncologist would know best and usually they aren’t opposed to an extra scan here and there for better quality of life. Just my 2 cents but some other guys on here with the symptoms may comment also.


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      Quick update so i went to a Patient 1st last Friday because pain was not getting any better after a week they did 6 x-rays and they said they were all clear and everything looked good and he said it was muscular and they gave me muscle relaxers and steroids to take which i have been since Friday but still getting no better my question is how common is for TC so spread to lower back or pelvis bone after a successful BEP treatment and should they have been able to see that in an x-ray i do see my oncologist tomorrow must admit getting a little worried


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        Normally when people have back pain and the pain goes into one leg, it is often from spinal cord related. Maybe check intensively with spinal. X-ray should show every bone changing. But you have TC history, so carefully check is necessary I think.

        Best wishes

        Amy, Ryan ’s Mom
        Son Ran, 24 years old, 25th May 2018 diagnosed NSGCT. 28th May 2018 right orchiectomy. Pathology:50% EC, 30% Teratoma,20% Yolk sac. CTs: 1 retroperitoneal lymph node 0.7mm Tumor markers: AFP 497, bhcg 19, LDH normal Normalized after R/O. Stage 1, surveillance 17th September 2018, Bhcg elevated up to 5.6 AFP and LDH normal, CT stable. 4th November bhcg up to 28, AFP and LDH normal. BEPx3 started and 2nd January 2019 BEP finished with Tumor markers normalized. 13th February 2019 CT scan showed 1 retroperitoneal lymph node enlarged up to 1.1 cm with normal tumor markers. RPLND : 03/14 2019@IU Dr.Cary Pathology report: one lymph node from 57 is Teretoma .Back to surveillance 05/02/19 Blood work all normal


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          So my oncologist examined me she does not think my back is cancer related she thinks I have a disc herniation but she wants me to have an MRI to confirm


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            It could be related to Orchiectomy, sometime nerves are affected when Orchiectomy is performed. Sometime during orchiectomy The ilioinguinal nerve which runs anterior to the spermatic cord may be damaged during the operation and cause numbness over the inner thigh or chronic groin and scrotal pain. Other symptoms also include intermittent and chronic back pain and sudden loss of mobility in the lower back... It could also cause short numbness in feet.


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              When I had orchiectomy I had and still have lower back pain and it was due to nerve damage during surgery.


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                How long ago did you have your surgery


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                  Hopefully, it's the disc, Scotty808! That's the thing about any ache or pain now, you always think - what if it's cancer... We can't help it!
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                    Keep in mind that back pain is probably the most common complaint of humans everywhere., so I wouldn't worry. Also, pretty sure a tumor large enough to cause pain would show up on an x-ray.
                    Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
                    Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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                      So the good news the MRI showed no sign of cancer but it did show 3 bulging discs and a central annular tear in my back which explains all my pain in my back I do have my CT scans end if this month which I'm not to worried about at the minute will probably get more nervous the closer it gets though


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                        Not sure of your age, Scotty, but I have 5 bulging discs in my lower back, that cause not only lower back pain, but pinch my left sciatic nerve causing pain from my waist to my ankle if i stand or walk too long. It sucks, but not cancer related.

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                        Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
                        Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP



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