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High dose chemotherapy. Suggestions and advice needed.

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  • High dose chemotherapy. Suggestions and advice needed.

    So I met with Dr. Einhorn at IU today to discuss my surgery (RPLND) that was supposed to happen this Thursday. However, a CT scan revealed that my abdominal mass is growing and potentially moving into another lymph node. Therefore, Dr. Einhorn seemed to think that an RPLND would no longer be a good solution.
    He recommended doing high dose chemotherapy instead. Does anyone out there have any experience with this? If so, any suggestions, encouragement or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi Ibathel,

    My brother is doing right now HDC at IU, he is now admitted into the hospital due to some rude side effects, but he’s fine, he has completed 1xHDC and when he reconver he will do the second course.

    We are from Spain and don’t speak English very well, but I think we can understand each other, so if you want to meet him or contact him via private message we can arrange, please let me know, I’m his sister.


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      Thank you Hermana. I start in about 2 weeks, so I might not meet your brother. But yes, any suggestions he has would be very appreciated! Thank you.



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