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LDH doubled during BEP

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  • LDH doubled during BEP

    Hi everyone

    I got stage 2b Non-seminoma. I had my left nut removed and the doc recommended 3*BEP & 1 EP. i finished the first 3 BEP cycles and my markers are in normal range except for the LDH L. It was almost 200 a week ago and now it hits 400 prior the final cycle. AFP is 1.9 , HCG UNDETECTED.

    Any thoughts on what might have caused this sudden increase?


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    I’m three rounds through BEPx4. My LDH was 2,200 pre-chemo, 515 after round 1, and 400 after round 2. I was surprised that it didn’t come down more sequentially. My theory is that my red cell destruction/hemolysis after round 2 (my RBC/Hemoglobin levels plummeted during round 2) caused some LDH. High levels of hemolysis do generate LDH. My Oncologist said it’s a valid theory but no way to know for certain.

    What were your labs pre-chemo?


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      I just finished EPx2 and mid way through I was measured at 243 (range 140-271). Before that it was 118 and a few weeks before that I was 126. I was just recently concerned for an AFP double from basically two to four but still in normal range of less than 6.

      I believe during chemo LDH is a measurement of your “muscles working hard” and even though you may not be at the Gym, your body is running a chemo marathon. After EPx2 my leg muscles are like jello. I workout often and I can feel it.

      If your onc isn’t concerned you shouldn’t be either. Especially LDH. I know it’s important but I don’t think it’s that important with normal AFP and HCG.